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How Do Animals Communicate? I’m Crazy For This, It’s Fascinating

I’m often asked, how do animals communicate? The answer is fascinating and amazing. Animals communicate through energy transference. The word telepathy means the ability to transmit feelings (empathy) over a distance (tele-). Animals communicate by sharing visual images, emotions, impressions, intentions and thoughts from their heart and minds energetically with others. If you know anything about quantum physics and the holographic universe, you know that information can be transmitted energetically and instantaneously when you are dialed in. Spoken and written words always have energy behind them. Vocalizations and body language do too! So how do animals communicate? ALL beings transmit messages energetically from heart to heart, mind to mind. The really cool thing is, humans are born knowing how to do this too! It’s only later as babies grow up and start learning language skills that they are discouraged from using their primary means of information energy transference. And that is tragic because then humans become shut down, dense and blocked off from the world around them. When I communicate with animals they often tell me how sad they feel for their humans who are so dense and it seems, blind and deaf to their pleas and important messages. They can’t understand it! How did that happen? What can be done to help their poor pitiful human? Animals feel so excited when humans learn how to speak their language! You can start learning how to communicate with animals here!

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