Don’t Screw Up Your Dog! Heart’s Wisdom eBook: Avoid the Top 12 Costly Mistakes Dog Parents Make

Are you making any of these costly mistakes with your dog?


One of these little mistakes cost a dog parent well over $5,000…

So many of my clients come to me with serious dog behavior and health issues, I decided to write a book on all the most common mistakes people make with their dogs.

Don’t Screw Up Your Dog!

I want to help you have happy, healthy dogs, and to do that, you need to get dog savvy. Because most of the problems people have with their dogs come from these 12 most common – and very costly – mistakes. Once you know what they are, you can easily avoid making them, and save you and your dog a whole lot of heartache.

Does your furrkid ever embarrass you, make you sad or frustrate you?

I hope you are ready to learn how to improve your dog’s health, well-being and sanity, because I’ve got some really great stuff to share with you that you can start using right away.

Whose fault is it when dogs disobey?

Most of the mistakes I work to correct stem from mismanagement and misunderstandings that can be easily avoided, once you know what to look for.

Did you ever see a ‘telegram’ from your dog?

They’re sending out SOS signals every day when they’re in distress, feeling blue, are in pain or have something they need to tell you.

There’s no reason for you or your dog to suffer simply because you didn’t know what you don’t know, right?

Discover How to Avoid (and correct) the Top 12 Most Costly Mistakes
Dog Parents Make – Learn how to have happy, healthy dogs.

So much can go wrong in every puppies life, from not taking advantage of the opportunities to show your dog how to behave, to learning how to have good self esteem and confidence, to know what to do in different situations, and to know how to relax. 

There is a critical window in every dog’s life and development stages when they are most needing to learn important, safe, confidence building concepts in order to grow up to be healthy happy dogs.

If you missed the window, or, if you are in that window now with your K9 pal, be certain that you fulfill their needs in the right way.

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Extremely Valuable Book Packed With Great Advice – for Dogs AND PeopleI found this an extremely valuable book filled with more information than I had imagined! Such a short book packed full of incredibly helpful and beneficial advice. If more people read this book before acquiring a new dog and following Val’s wise advice, there would be many less dogs turned into shelters and more peaceful homes for both the dogs and their people.

I highly recommend reading this book for anyone who is having challenges with their dog friends. She offers sound advice, often simple to implement when you are dedicated to transforming your relationship with your dog and earning their respect, while also having a devoted and loving friend for the rest of your life! She also includes many valuable resources as well. 

Morgine Jurdan, animal communicator, writer, coach, artist.


Full of Good Sense and Treasure – Unputdownable!

“If you love dogs, have a dog or want a dog, this book will draw you right in. Full of good sense and knowledge gained from years of valuable experience, this book is unputdownable! Val’s insights are like treasure, and the quirky little illustrations will charm you as well as artfully makingpoints you can easily understand. This book should be compulsory reading for anyone thinking of having a dog in their life. The world would be a better, happierand safer place for dogs, their owners, and anyone who interacts with either of them, if everyone read Val’s fabulous book.”Jenny Smedley, best-selling author of Pets Are Forever and Pets Have Souls


Immensely Enjoyable, A Treasure Trove of Great Advice!

“Val Heart’s latest book is a treasure trove of great advice based on real world experience. This is a wonderful resource book that offers real-life information for the new and not-so-new dog caretaker. We found her book to be immensely readable and enjoyable with the fun and creative pictures serving to help the important lessons she teaches hit home with greater impact. Highly recommended as a starting point for the new owner, and as a refresher for the seasoned pet parent.” Steven L. May and David T. Pisarra, Esq, Co-Authors, “What About Wally? Co-Parenting A Pet With An Ex”


Maximize Your Partnership With Your Dog

“A great relationship with your dog begins the dayyou make up your mind to establish a conscious and consistent pattern of relating to your dog in a meaningful partnership based upontrust, communication, and respect. Val Heart outlines a strategy which asks the dog owner to be conscious of their daily interactions with their dog, and to maximize those interactions by supporting the dog in the ways he truly needs.”  Kyra Sundance, author of “101 Dog Tricks”


Read This If Your Best Friend Is a Dog!

If you have the good fortune to share your life with a dog, then this book needs to be on your bookshelf! This engaging, user-friendly book addresses many important topics for dog parents, such as how to deal with behavioral problems, how to provide healthy meals in this age of pet food recalls, and ideas for creating a loving, stress-free environment. Useful tips, book references and websites are included throughout the book. If your best friend has four legs, a tail and drools on occasion then this book is for you!  Christine Davis, Author of For Every Dog An


I Wish I Had Found This Excellent Book Sooner!

I wish I had found this excellent book sooner!  Don’t Screw Up Your Dog! is a wonderful resource for people who love dogs. Val Heart clearly explains how to keep our dogs healthy, happy, and well-mannered. As she so beautifully states, “When we become better dog owners and trainers, we become better humans!”  Devin O’Branagan, Author, Member of Dog Writers Association of


Val Heart is a Master at Facilitating Amazing Relationships

“Expert animal communicator, Val Heart, offers practical and loving advice to owning happier, healthier dogs. Her tips are so simple and easy to follow.  They seem like obvious advice, but so often we fail our dogs in so many ways.  We need to learn to speak dog!  Just as the expression, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” indicates, we could say, “When with dog, do as the dogs do.” Our beloved companion dogs talk us all the time, and when we understand their behavior from their perspective, our relationships with them grow from good to amazing. It is up to us to learn to listen, and Val Heart is a master at facilitating this gift in others.” Karen Biehl and Eli the Celebrity Chihuahua from NYC life’s reality series “Doggie Moms”


Changing Your Relationship With Dogs From Impossible To Magical

Val Heart has done it again! Not only does her book Don’t Screw Up Your Dogcontain relevant stories of how to turn the relationship with your dog from impossible to one of love, magic and harmony, Val articulates helpful hints and training exercises addressing behavior, nutrition, affection, communication and much more. After reading Val’s book you will benefit by seeing your world from your dogs perspective. You will be equipped to provide a healthy, happy life for your animal friends. Val sums it all up in her words that every dog is a unique individual, your job is to find what works best for you and them.Robynn McCann, author of The Opal Within Us, Speaker of the Souls



Properly socialized dogs are healthier in body, mind and spirit. And they grow up to be the best canine companions you could ever imagine… if you do your work right.

Is the life of your dog worth $20?

This important book and teleclass series teaches you what you need to know to get it right.

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“He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.” – Anonymous quote, from “51 Puppy Tricks,” by Kyra Sundance

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Val’s book is filled with alternative resources and viewpoints that pet parents should consider.When it comes to animal behavior and training, the most common issue I’ve found throughout my career has been the miscommunication between human and animal. Val’s book is filled with alternative resources and viewpoints that pet parents should consider. Val really gets to the “heart” of the matter by outlining some of the basic mistakes humans need to avoid so they can create more harmonious households . Diana L Guerrero (ARKlady)

Director of behavior training at ARKanimals; Founder of the Pet Parenting School; Author of “What Animals Can Teach Us about Spirituality”& “Blessing of the Animals.”


Val’s Advice, Tips and References are Worth Their Weight in Gold!

Val draws upon her years of experience helping animals and their human companions to provide an easy to follow guide that everyone should follow if they have a canine companion. Her approach, tips and references are worth their weight in gold!  
Tim Link, Author of Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has A Tale


Day to Day Guidance for A Well-Balanced, Happy Dog’s Life

Val Heart truly cares about you and your dog and that you live in harmony together.  From start to finish, this book provides you with easy-to-apply information and solutions to give your dog the day-to-day guidance and principles, which he/she needs (and it’s not necessarily what you might think) to live a well-balanced, happy life with you! Kay White, Author of the # 1 Best-Seller -The A to Z of Being Understood, Communicate and influence with confidence, style and 


Not Just Another Dog Training Book – This Is One Of The BEST!

In Don’t Screw Up Your Dog!, Val Heart offers all the information you need to make your dog healthy and happy. Drawing on years of experience, Val has created a thorough guide that teaches how to get the right dog for your family, basic training, and how to communicate with your dog. The hilarious illustrations enhance the text and useful tips enrich the contents of the book. This is not just another dog-training book. Val Heart’s book is one of the best.  Olga Horvat, MA, Author of Paranormal Pooch and the founder of 


When We Dogs Become UNruly, Nobody’s Happy

“Woof! It’s Mr MaGoo here and I just read Val’s chapter about how us pets need consistency. Double paws to that! Furiends, when no consistent boundaries are set, we get funky making a ruckus. Val is spot on! Take it from me folks, a spunky Lhasa Aspo who’s been around the block a few times now.  I know what’s what. I like to think that I am “boss” of my home; but Mom is our real leader and she works hard to keep all of us balanced and happy. Thanks to Val for barking this out for all to read – us pets need consistent rules; otherwise, we become UNruly, and then nobody is happy.No furry flying in this house and that’s a treat all in itself. Woof! Woof!” Mr MaGoo, dogoir and Co-Author with Kelly Preston, Real Dogs Don’t Whisper 


I Got My Puppy Family And Household Back Under Control!

“This book came at the perfect time! I am mother to two shi-tzu puppies and Val’s heartfelt advice is invaluable!  She helped me recognize the difference between affection and control, and that I need to be the alpha Momma dog.  Thank you Val for helping me get my puppy family and household back under control!” Stacey Canfield, Founder of Soul Sitters,   


Making It Easy To Understand And Guide Your Dog Humanely!

Finally a book for pet owners to pin point and address their four legged friends issues, and overcome them once and for all, in a humane fashion!  This book also gives the prospective pet owner an easy to understand guide so they may avoid bad behavior from the start!  If you are a pet owner you need this book!  Val Heart is an expert animal communicator, and she knows just how to address behavioral issues in a manner everyone can understand.  Thank you Val for this amazing book, well done!  
Bonnie Best, Author of The Real Poop Scoop on Pet Sitting and Create Financial Freedom Playing with Pets!


Save Yourself Pain and Expense – Get Dog Savvy

A 86 year old neighbor of mine lost her dog recently. Trixie was a typical senior dog: quiet, wise, serene.  After 14 years, Trixie passed quietly away.  My neighbor then decided to get a new dog to fill the void in her life.

The new dog, Ruby, 6 months old, knew only one speed – all out RUN!  She was happy, completely uncontrolled and impetuous.  One day, the front door opened and lickety split, off Ruby ran into the street.

Yelling, my neighbor rushed after her.  A few minutes later, she was on the grass with the ambulance and fire truck on their way. She had fractured her leg in four places. Ouch! 

I went straight to Val Heart’s website to buy my neighbor a copy of this wonderful book because clearly, my neighbor had made the most classic, fundamental of mistake of all (it’s #1 in the book).  She got the Wrong Dog for Her Lifestyle.

Save yourself an ambulance ride, pain and three months in a wheelchair by reading Val’s excellent book today and getting dog savvy today. Scott Paton, and Ruby’s new escort to the river




guarantee No Risk Guarantee: Every penny you invest in this valuable program is safely backed by my reliable, 100% no quibble guarantee.

But if for some reason this program doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply tell me within 30 days and I’ll refund your purchase out of my own pocket. You have my word on it. Just try the program, follow the instructions, and let me know what happened.

I believe you’ll get SO much out of it that you’ll never look at your animals the same way again, and that you will be delighted with your experience. I’m that confident.