How Can You and Your Show Animal Be At Their Very BEST and Achieve Their True Potential?
It's easy with my One Heart Peak Performance System, let me show you

If You’re FED UP With Settling For Less Than The Winner’s Circle, Doubting Yourself or Your Show Horse/Dog, or Feeling Lost Struggling to Improve…

…Then Keep Reading Because You CAN Enjoy the Performance of Your Dreams! 

Val met Okzy, a champion Grand Prix dressage horse, at a pre-Olympic trial dressage competition at the San Antonio Rose Palace arena.  He was perfect in practice but consistently messed up the show ring. His trainer JP had only one question: Why does this keep happening?! 

Okzy explained that he felt angry with JP. Although he loved to perform, was really good at his work, and he basked in the applause of the audience, he was willing to give all that up.  He wanted to get back at JP in a way that really hurt and would get her attention.  He explained all the reasons why he felt the way he did, and then?

He asked for an apology.

Miffed at the horse, JP offered an insincere apology. Okzy immediately turned away and swished his tail. JP didn’t need Val to translate the horse’s response, it was clear as a bell.  Val watched in dismay as JP stormed out of the stall in a huff.  

Fifteen minutes later JP returned.  She acknowledged that in fact, the horse was right on all the counts. She offered a sincere heart felt apology.  And tears sprang to our eyes as Okzy turned to her and nudged JP over her heart as he accepted what was offered.  Then they went out and won their next competition.

Val’s specialty is in working with show animals.  She got her start as a professional animal communicator working show horses of all kinds including world class Grand Prix dressage horses, world championship cutting horses, hunter jumpers and racing horses.


Val’s Intuitive Show Animal Performance Sessions are unlike those of other animal intuitives.Val begins each communication session in much the same way she approaches a healing or communication session — she connects to the animal’s human caretaker first.

As the human’s advocate for the animal, she must first understand their person’s point of view about what’s going on.  She’s learned through her extensive education and many years of experience and learning from thousands of animal teachers that the human is always intimately involved with the well-being of the animal.

While most people are astonished to discover the phenomenon of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection and how their animal partner mirrors them, many aspects of animal performance, health and well-being are in fact a reflection of your purpose together.

To solve these issues, it’s important for Val to start with the human.  Until you are able and willing to change, heal, grow and evolve, the animal will continue to serve you by showing and acting out your wounds, stressors and issues.


Val’s Secret Sauce:  She’s got the recipe for improving your game so you can get in the Winner’s Circle!

As Val works with you and your animal to help you solve performance problems, behavior issues, health or mystery lameness situations, she is always listening to the Spirit of the animal and to Guidance to discover why that animal is a part of your life, what the underlying lessons are, what he/she is here to help you learn, and what is needed to create the best life experience and performance for both of you.

Her goal is for you both to achieve your true potential, to get you in the Winner’s Circle, and for you and your animal to have a blast doing it together!

Val’s unique intuitive work and healing skills incorporates all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Working by order of priority, the most exciting part of every session is that both you and your pet can experience amazing changes in your relationship, and that those changes will reflect into other areas of your life including in the show ring.

 Why You Need a Horse Problem Solving Performance Tune Up:

If you are coming to Val for a session like this, be prepared to heal, evolve and grow because animals often spend their entire lifetimes trying to break through your barriers.

Together you can evolve into advanced states of love, self expression and embrace an empowered spiritual connection with a deep profound level of understanding of yourself and the world around you.

And that is what it takes to be a winner in every sport, including the game of life.

Note:  You do not have to be in the same location or touching each other for her to work her magic.

“Tiny hinges open big doors.” Val Heart

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Would You Like to Work With Val?

Val’s Animal Problem Solving Programs are perfect for solving problems with pets but her work is unique, and not everyone is a good fit or ready to go that deep. 

If you just want Val to tell your pet to stop doing bad behavior, but are unwilling to make changes of your own? Then you’re not a good fit.

If you are doing this just for curiosity, to see if Val can tell you the color of your pet’s food bowl?  Then you’re not a good fit.

If, however, you are ready to dive deep, to experience a quantum leap in discovery, a breakthrough with your pet and in your own life?  Then you may be a perfect fit!

Her work often changes lives on many levels.  It can be intensive, entertaining and a lot of fun!  It can also bring up old wounds that need healing, stress that needs clearing, pain that needs soothing…

Not to worry, she can help you do that too. 

She’ll be working as much with you as your animal to find the real root of the problems, to unravel the Human Animal BodyMind Connection between you, and to up-level you both so you can be the best version of yourselves possible. Val Heart Expert Animal Communicator and Pet Problem Solver





The Animal Problem Solving Session is a great place to start your healing journey with Val.  Begin identifying and resolving the hidden health factors that contribute to the problems at hand. This is a good choice for answering your questions, receiving a healing session, intuitive medical scanning, caretaker guidance, and, if necessary, for working towards a peaceful transition followed by reconnection on the other side.  If you:

  • Want insight into what your animal is thinking or feeling about specific situations or health issues
    • Need help making a euthanasia decision or coping with grief or loss after losing an animal
    • Are experiencing challenges that don’t include significant long term health problems for either yourself or your animals (the Silver or Gold Plans are best for those situations, see below)
    • Want Val’s expertise to improve your management program so it is right and customized for your animal, includes evaluating your training program, diet, supplements, environment and care giving…

The Animal Problem Solving Session is IDEAL for first timers, maintenance, tune ups or check ins. It includes:

• 45 minute consulting session
• We’ll use your time to do as much as possible given your priorities and as time allows
• Note: It may not be possible to completely fulfill Val’s 4 Fundamental Guarantees and the 5 Steps of the Heart System for solving problems with pets which often requires more intensive time together, but we’ll use your time to do as much as possible given your priorities as time allows
• Digital Recording Available upon request for an additional $15

Once your payment has been received, you can immediately schedule your sessions from the available times on Val’s schedule.

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