Body Mind Assessment & Balance for People and Pets

Bodymind Assessment and Balance

Body Mind Assessment & Balance for People and Pets Makes a WORLD of Difference!

Body Mind Balance Assessment has demonstrated its effectiveness for a variety of conditions, particularly those that do not respond well to the traditional medical practices, or those that are emotional, spiritual or mental in nature.

True Body Mind Balance & Assessment includes amazing natural and alternative healing therapies & modalities, like BodyTalk for animals and people.  

Val’s health therapy she calls The Heart Method of Quantum Leap Life Consulting which Val considers the missing link in health care today.

For health issues and behavior problems for both animals and their humans, Val doesn’t know of any healing therapy that works faster or better than Body Mind Balance & Assessment or The Heart Method of Quantum Leap Life Consulting! Val is not just an animal communicator.  She is highly trained in many modalities of natural, alternative health therapies for both people and animals. 

She discovered that in order to help animals heal and rebalance, she had to be able to help their caretakers heal, evolve and balance. Because our animals mirror us in so many ways, and are at the effect of our woundings, imbalances, and illnesses, when she works with your animals, she is also working with you.

Val helps animals, but she can also help YOU rebalance and regain your sanity and purpose, gain clarity for your life and relationships, and find your peace no matter what is going on around you.

Whether you (or your animal) are struggling with illness, chronic pain, allergies, body problems, musculoskeletal or nervous system imbalances, mental confusion or memory problems, post traumatic stress, emotional imbalances, or are just feeling stuck and are having a difficult time moving forward in your life, career or relationships, Val can help!

Do you want help with any of these areas of your life?

 Val’s healing work can be used as a stand-alone system to help with many health problems, or can be seamlessly integrated into any health care system to increase its effectiveness and promote faster healing. It is non-invasive, objective in application, and works quickly and effectively on humans and animals alike. 

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