Animals DO See Ghosts…

Bet you didn’t know that I’m a Ghost Buster…  It’s true! 

I don’t talk about it much but I’ve done a lot of work with entities with great results.

Because my specialty is in resolving problems, as you can see, this critically important work sometimes takes me to many interesting, unexpected and fascinating places.

Ever notice your animal staring off into space like they’re watching something you can’t see?  Or reacting oddly to a certain area for no known reason?

That’s because animals do in fact see ghosts.They can sense and see ‘dead people’.

I’m always amazed and intrigued when a consultation takes a spooky turn and I find myself communicating with a deceased loved one or a lost soul who can’t find their way home.

For instance, one German Shepherd told me that there was a young man’s spirit floating through the walls at odd times and it was very scary for him.  He was trying his best to protect his person but all the spirit did was laugh at him.

His person of course thought her beloved dog had lost his mind!  He was viciously attacking and reacting to something she could not see or sense.

Once the dog told us his story, I shifted my focus to address the spirit and we found a way to help him get home. Once he left, the dog returned to the loving, happy furrkid he truly was and all was well again.

A dressage horse told me that there was a Native American Indian in the far corner of his practice arena and that he’d been warned away from that area. Nothing his rider could do would change his mind about it, and that was that.

In order to solve the problem, I had to connect with the Indian who turned out to be a guardian of the ancient sacred burial grounds that happened to be located on this property. When I told my client what I’d discovered, she confirmed that in fact, that was true.

We found a way to respectfully negotiate an agreement so that the horses could go into that area for their exercise and practice, and all was well.

When you learn how to really HEAR your animals yourselves, a whole new amazing world opens up.And it’s tons of fun and not really scary at all, I promise.

I know you’ll enjoy The Real Dr Doolittle Show interview with Olga Horvat about her remarkable story which she wrote about in her book, Paranormal Pooch.  I had a blast interviewing her.

Hope you and your furrkids have a safe and Happy Halloween.


Much love,



‘Live as if you were to die tomorrow.  Learn as if you were to live forever.’  Gandhi


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I think many people experience their animals sensing something in the room. I know I have on several occasions when my little dog stares into the corner with her ears pricked up … and sometimes quietly growling. It’s as if someone is talking to her ….

It’s really consoling to know that they are communicating with those on the other side.

I always enjoy your articles, and this one is great. I have been told many times by a dog or cat when I do not notice a spirit near by.
The photo has me smiling — especially since aside from a few wrinkles my dog looks about exactly like the one seated by the pumpkin.

Animals definitely see and talk to spirits or fear them. I have found my cat staring at nothing, talking to
someone many times. I also a a scary experience while doing a pet therapy visit to an aged nursing home.. When calling in to make an appointment for the next week Izzy did not want to go into the nursing home..She had done hundreds of visits and loved going on visits so i was not sure what was going on..she dragged me to the car to get away from there. The next week when we went back to do the visit, again she didn’t want to go in..once I picked her up she settled so we continued to the main are to visit with a lady and about half way through the visit she started to panic and cringe back into the chair appearing as though she was watching someone..about 60 seconds later a nurse walked in an told another nurse that Mr. whoever had just passed away. Now realizing what was going on we finished the visit and left and she couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Needless to say I never took her back to that particular nursing home again. Out of hundreds of visits to many different locations this was the only one where we came across this. I think that he could not have been a very nice person for her to react this way and I had nightmares that night and slept with the light on for about six weeks. I definitely know and believe they see ghosts.

Your adventurous life and lifestyle is legendary and for good reason.
I had a Spiritual Tune Up about a month.5 ago where I was a riding my MC and took a diff route than I normally ride. Don’t know why bit for some reason I felt drawn to a bar I had been in two times before but I rolled around it and moved on. A voice said “turn around, get off your bike and get your ads on a seat in there. Wisest thing I ever did

Adam Coleman

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