5 Questions to Start Solving Cat Behavior Problems

4 Questions to Start Solving Cat Behavior Problems

Are you frustrated or confused why your cat behaves in certain ways?

How do you solve bad cat behavior problems without whispering with them first?

Seriously, that may sound funny but the truth is, cats have very unique viewpoints all their own.

Without taking time to communicate with them, you can guess all you want to as to why they’ve behaving the way they are but until you listen to them, you won’t know for sure what’s wrong in their world.  The art of cat whispering is exactly what’s needed to begin solving cat behavior and even health problem.

Is your cat doing any of these things?

BEWARE!  These are ALL important clues something isn’t right in their world.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get inside your kitty’s head and know what they are thinking and feeling?

You could find out what they really need and want…

You would know what’s not working for them or is causing them stress…

Listening to their wisdom and understanding their viewpoints can change your life, because once you’ve seen the world through a cat’s eyes?

Everything changes.

Sharing their experiences can help you know what is going wrong for them, what happened to make them feel bad or afraid or depressed, jealous or worried…

What if you could just ask them to help you? Talk about problems like you’re best friends?  And they actually DID exactly that!  Amazing.

You can have a meeting of the minds and heart, and together decide what’s a problem and why it’s a problem.  Remember that what you think is a problem may not be a problem from their viewpoint.  And then once you’ve agreed, together you can decide how to best resolve it.

If you are a cat parent, then you are undoubtedly aware that feline temperament and characteristics will only go so far in explaining the root cause of behavior issues.

After more than 30 years of working with cats as a professional cat whisperer, I can tell you that ONLY your cat can knows:

  1.  If they are happy, and if they aren’t happy, what they need that would make them much happier
  2.  What is working for them and what doesn’t work, or what just makes things worse
  3.  What they like and don’t like, and may in fact detest or cause them to react badly
  4.  How they actually feel in their body because if they are in pain or uncomfortable, then we need to know where the pain is, what kind of pain it is, when it started, and what helps or hurts or even makes it worse

NOT answering these questions can CAUSE behavior challenges.

If they are not taken care of properly, then things will only get worse.

A good cat whisperer will communicate with your cat to answer these questions and that creates clarity for both of you.Communicating with animals gift

Your goal is to help improve their longevity, well-being and health and to do that, you want to open your mind and heart and hear their whispers back to you.

Did you know your cat can mirror and reflect you?

The extraordinary phenomenon of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection between you and your cat means that your cat mirrors your energy, takes on your illnesses and stressors.  They are always reacting, resisting or responding to you.

That means YOU — your health, balance and well-being — can be the key to creating a healthy, balanced, happy cat… or not.

Because of all my years of experience in working with cats, I know how incredibly important it is to first communicate directly with your feline friend.  Because until we do, we won’t know what the problem really is, where it’s coming from, and what the unknown factors are that we don’t know yet which are contributing to the problem at hand.

We do know that your cat always does what seems right to them — from their own viewpoint. They always do what makes sense to them.

In my extensive experience, problems could be coming from a management issue, such as food that’s not right for them, from unknown pain, undiagnosed illness, simple miscommunication or misunderstandings.  Until I communicate with them directly, we won’t know specifically how to make it better.

I work with feline behavior modification and healing, working directly with your cat to make sure they are heard and that their concerns are addressed so real changes and healing can begin.

Do you want to learn how to be a Cat Whisperer?

Yes, you too can learn how!  All you need is guidance to help you discover how to open your heart, tune into kitty energy and viewpoints so you can see the world through their eyes.  Connect from heart to heart, mind to mind.  Cats will love whispering their secrets to you too!

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