Animal Communication Animal Talk Interview With Val Heart and Susan Francis


Hi, I’m Val Heart!  I’m called the Real Dr Doolittle and am a leading animal communication expert and thought leader.  I’m also the founder of the HEART System for solving problems with pets.


My special guest in the How to Talk to Animals – Animal Talk Training Interview Series is professional Animal Communicator, Susan Francis!

Tune in and discover What Your Pet is Teaching You About Personal Healing, the Planetary Harmony… and Elephants!

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Together WE can do our part to help our pets and animals live a natural healthy life.

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We can really use your support to help more pets and their people. This is an unprecedented, collaborative joint venture based on my mission of reaching and teaching One Million animal lovers around the world how to talk to animals.  When we do that?  We WILL change the world.

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Val Heart, The Real Dr Doolittle
Host of the Animal Talk Coaching Club

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