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Teaching Children to Respect Animals Today – Contribution from freelance writer Jenny Holt

Take It Outdoors to Bond Spiritually With Your Pet

Use nature to connect spiritually with your pet and increase the tight bond the two of you already share. When you own a pet, you know there is a spiritual side that he or she uses to express emotions and communicate with you in his or her unique style.

Fostering that connection helps create a stronger spiritual bond with your pet, and many people desire this connection. Using nature for spiritual connection is proven to improve health and increase happiness in both humans and pets.

Begin With a Walk and Discover a New World

Most dog breeds love going for walks with their human. There are so many new smells to investigate, and the exercise is great for both of you. Choose a path that lets you meander through nature, even if it is only a wooded path through a park. The refreshing air and rejuvenating flora will bring you and your dog closer. If you are more of a cat person, use the cat’s natural outdoor time to build a spiritual connection. Discover where she goes by going outside with her. Get on the ground and check out her favorite bed in the flowers, or pet her while she relaxes in the sun. You’ll have a chance to connect with your cat’s natural instincts and reestablish yourself as a part of her family.

Take Them Out to Pasture

Take larger pets, such as horses (if you happen to have one), out to pasture for some training. Removing the animal from the stable for training gives him more space to move. He will show you he appreciates the time outdoors and bond with you through the training exercises. The human and pet connection will strengthen while you’re outside in the open air, working with the horse. Simply relaxing outdoors with a pet will help solidify the bond between you. Pets love to be by our side, and allowing her to be there with you will make her feel that you will always be there for her. Sit outside in the shade, talking to your pet, or just staying quiet. The absence of distractions and the serenity of the outdoors will help bring you closer to your pet.

Take Him With You

If possible, take your pet with you when you leave the house. When you follow standard guidelines for pets in the car and heat, your pet can go almost everywhere with you. Some stores allow leashed pets, so find out which ones will allow your friend. Getting out and about with your pet brings you closer as companions, and reaffirms the spirit that you are there for each other. Having a pet means having a best friend through every circumstance. Spend as much time together to solidify this bond.


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I think this is such good advice about nurturing the animal-human-nature bond. When my dog and I talk our morning walks, I really try (and usually succeed) at blocking out everything else. I am totally in the moment like he is, paying attention to what he is sniffing, probably more visually enjoying the journey and missing out on some of the smells, but being present with my best friend and enjoying that special time together – no phone, no texts, just him and me 🙂

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