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Expert Positive Dog Trainer, Jonathan Klein on the Real Dr Doolittle Show

Expert dog trainer Jonathan Klein is the owner of the award-winning training and boarding facility…

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Forgotten Heroes: The 9/11 Search and Rescue Dogs

There are twelve 9/11 search dogs who are alive and still with us today… Their…

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True Love at the Alltech Games – Fuego XII Set Hearts Aflutter

Written by Mary Phelps Hathaway, OK, I’m in love, and everyone sitting beside me, behind…

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Elephants reunited after 20 years

What a moving video of 2 elephants reunited after 22 years! The Dallas Zoo had…

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Did You Miss the Boat Too?

My cellphone is an old LG Trax clamshell. It’s a dinosaur and has been extinct…

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The First Step in Resolving Behavior Problems With Your Dog, Cat or Horse By Val Heart

How much time do you spend going over things that have happened to you, reliving…

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Animal Crackers

You are into animals – hehe!!! Have you seen this video? Hilarious

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