Animal Communication and Telepathy – The Mental Video Technique to Communicate With Animals

images (1)Have you ever had an amazing, life changing experience? Wished you could share it with someone else so they could experience it like you did complete with all the feelings, sounds, smells and images?

Telepathic interspecies communication is like that. You remember an experience and then offer it to someone else, from your heart to their heart, from your mind to their mind. Then, they can experience it almost as if they had been there, too.

Is this possible? You bet it is. Your animals have been trying to teach you about true, heart centered telepathic communication all their lives. Sometimes we get it and when we do, the experience changes our life! And sometimes we’re just too dense (or untrained or close minded) to hear their messages.

What can happen when you know how to connect and communicate with animals?

One animal communication student was so excited. She told me that she and her dressage horse were now in total sync with each other.

For instance, if she thought about going out to her barn to see or work with her horse and glanced out the window to see where her mare was in pasture, her horse at that very moment would lift her head and look at her there in the window in the house. Then, while she was still watching and before she even left the window, her mare would head off toward the barn to wait for her!

Every animal lover knows they have a special connection with the animals in their lives. Many young children can “hear” animals talk – that is, until others convince them that animal’s are dumb and unable to think for themselves.

The Barrier to Fun Filled Relationships with Animals

When we limit ourselves to the accepted modes of human speech, we shut ourselves down. And, sadly, we lose an important part of ourselves – our connection with all of Life.

Learning to communicate with animals is a gift many companion animals have been trying to give us every day of their lives.

Humans have traditionally thought of themselves as separate and more intelligent (read “important”) than other Beings unlike themselves. Since “others” don’t talk, look or act like we do, then they must be inferior in some way. Until recently, this had been easy to believe about animals since they cannot speak “our language”.

However, recent studies have discovered that other species are much more intelligent than previously thought, and may surpass human intelligence in many ways. Animals use a variety of communication techniques to converse with each other.

The use of sound frequencies, scents and body language are easily observed, and researchers now know there are additional variables. I believe that these variables are largely telepathic and energetic in nature, and that every Being is born with the ability to communicate on this level.

You read right – animals are telepathic! They can see what is in your mind’s eye, and feel what you are feeling.

Have you ever noticed how Fido disappears when it is time to go to the Vet or get a bath? Or how your animal senses your moods and knows exactly what you need? This isn’t an accident or a coincidence. When they pay attention, they always know what is going on with us.

Do you have something you have been trying to tell your animal friend?

Try this simple technique: Create a movie video in your imagination of exactly what you want them to know, complete with emotions and images. Don’t get too complicated; just concentrate on what you want them to understand or do. And then see what happens.

This technique is helpful in training situations, in preparing pets for changes in their lives, and in explaining what you want from them. Of course, this is only one-way communication, but it is a beginning.

Animal communication isn’t mind control. And, many times they may need to tell you something before they can (or are willing to) comply with your wishes.

Learning to communicate telepathically and share life experiences with other Beings is a priceless gift. It allows us to better understand that we are not alone, that we are connected, and that we can help each other.

Communicating intimately with other species also enriches our own lives through the sharing of our experiences with one another. Many companion animals choose to spend their lives attempting to break through our barriers, help us heal and become reconnected with all of Life and our Divine Nature.

If you’re really serious about re-discovering your telepathic ability so you can share life’s experiences with your animal, you don’t need to wait another day. Please don’t simply accept things the way they are now, you can re-remember how to talk with animals yourself.

Do this one thing for yourself and your forever animal friend, and watch how it changes your life and every relationship you have.


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