Bach Flowers Healing with Joan Jacobs on the Real Dr. Doolittle Show

Note From Val:  I first learned about Bach Flowers in the mid 1990’s, and have used them for myself, my family, my animals and recommended them Bach_Flowersto my clients and friends with great results.  I was very interested in Joan’s depth of knowledge about their use with humans and animals, and learned a great deal that I didn’t know in our interview, and that is not common knowledge. You’ll love learning more about them too, regardless of whether you’ve been using them for years or are brand new to the concept.  Enjoy!




Joan Jacobs is a 25 year experienced holistic healer, Bach Flower practitioner and teacher.

Joan_JacobsIn her clinical work, Joan awakens the body to restore health by accessing and activating information held within the anatomical structures, and then supports the healing process using energy healing, Bach Flower remedies and healthy self-management skills.

Joan teaches at the faculty of health sciences, at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel, and has held senior teaching and program coordinating positions at leading schools of complementary medicine in Israel.

She also teaches certification programs for Bach Flower practitioners in which she teaches her unique approach to case intakes and prescribing.

Joan developed and instructs programs for cancer survivors, particularly breast cancer survivors as well as programs in the field of women’s empowerment and health and also for substance abuse victims and prison inmates. Joan has also developed unique applications of Holistic approaches in the field of  interpersonal relationships in the work place. She has worked with the staffs and personnel of some of Israel’s leading companies, hospitals and educational institutions.

Joan answers these questions and more:

  • Who is Dr Edward Bach, and what is The Bach Flower method?
  • How are the remedies created, and how do they actually work?
  • What type of conditions, in humans and animals, benefit from the Bach Flower remedies?
  • What is the difference between prescribing for personality type issues and temporary mood states?
  • How can animals benefit from this healing method?

For more information on Joan Jacobs and her book, “Messages From The Soul- A Holistic Approach to Healing” please visit

Health depends on being in harmony with our souls.- Dr Edward Bach

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Thank you so much for this Val! I have been interested in the Bach remedies since the 80s and have used them also with my animals. I would love to hear more about this and the particular qualities of the 38 remedies. I have books, but I found her information and specific instances where they were used and also your information so much easier to understand. Thanks so much!


My friends sister is a homeopath & is trying to help my dog with rage, anger, abandonment. She said she had put a remedy on his “name”. How can this work without having the patient take it internally or locally? How can this actually work? Have you ever heard of this? Thank you,
Cris P


Hi Chris! I’m sorry your dog is having so much trouble. I’m not sure of your friend’s sister’s approach. Energy work can often work long distance — I do that all the time with powerful, extraordinary results. However, in my experience with homeopathy, it’s important to get the RIGHT remedy and to dose it properly which does include putting it in/on the body. My bigger question would be, why is your dog feeling this way? My specialty is in solving problems like this. If I were to work with him, I would start with a heart to heart conversation so he can tell us what is troubling him. Many emotional, mental and spiritual wounds are cleared through a conversation. The communication will reveal what is unknown and therefore unresolved. Without doing this critically important step, then you’ll likely just do a lot of expensive guesswork chasing your tail. If homeopathy is still indicated as helpful, then together we would create the individualized protocol. That’s how I get the extraordinary results I achieve with animals. You can go here to find out how to work with me:

Much love,

Val Heart

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