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Gina Triay BodyTalk for Animals Healing

Ok folks just finished my communication and healing session with Val in regards to my beagle Snoopy who has had a chronic ongoing cough that has not been solved with meds or the vet hasn’t offered any solutions other than saying it’s just an old man cough… seriously?!  I wish I could tell you what Val did but I have no idea other than something she calls BodyTalk for animals, which I’ve not heard of.  She said a bunch of big medical related words that I don’t get and she scanned his body medically saying more big words I don’t know, and the whole time my dog has stopped coughing!!  Sitting here typing this and he is happily and peacefully sitting next to me NOT COUGHING.  I don’t know what to say.  Wholly crap… how about that.
Whoo hoo!

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