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Wishing You and Your Furrkids a Happy, Healthy Sunday!

Einstein and I are currently having a fabulous time teaching the last Animal Communication System Virtual Retreat for 2011.

As you’ll see from Jolinda’s story below, the student feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, it just makes my heart sing!

It’s SO exciting to celebrate their success and coach them past their stuck spots And their comments about the Retreat are so enthusiastic. Wahoo!

Did you know that November is Adoption Awareness Month?

Imagine the difference you could make by:

* Helping to give the homeless animals a voice
* Sharing their stories, their experiences
* Helping them heal their hurts or traumas
* Offering comfort, encouragement and support

My podcast guest this week on The Real Dr Doolittle Show is the remarkable, internationally renowned photographer, artist, and author Vaughn Wilson.

He literally had me crying during the interview telling me the stories he’d uncovered during his 50 celebrity interviews as they spoke about the animals who had inspired them, taught them, and touched their hearts.

And that is what his wonderful book is all about.

Also, if you live in the United States, did you remember to set your clocks back one hour last night?

Be sure to use that extra time wisely by doing something fun with your furrkids.

Much love to you and your furrkids,

“The realm of the mind is probability. The realm of the heart is possibility. Surrender your mind to your heart and realize true empowerment through inspiration. It is through unifying your heart, head and hand that we move from success to significance.” — Ron Renato, Author of “The Road to Freedom”

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