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Why You Should Consider a Raw Cat Food Diet!

Claude and Journey

By Claude West

With the impressive amount of cat food recalls that have been happening over the past couple of years, it is easy to see why so many people are concerned with commercial cat food manufactures. Many cat owners are switching to a raw food cat diet for their beloved furry friends, and it is easy to see the many benefits of this new trendy diet in the lives of pets and pet owners.

Here are five of the top reasons why choosing a natural cat diet is becoming such a popular choice:

1. You will get a healthy cat through proper diet. If you have been looking for a way to cut vet bills in half, try to get a healthy cat through proper diet and exercise. A healthier diet helps boost pets’ immune systems, and can help reverse damage that has already been done. It clears out toxins that have built up through years of poor diet. With the toxins cleared, your cat’s body will feel better and be more youthful than ever.

2. Your cat will live longer. Science has proven that a raw food cat diet, or even a natural cat diet, will extend the life of your feline friend significantly. If you want your fuzzy friend to live longer, it is best to start stocking up on quality foods.

3. Cats are obligate carnivores and designed to eat raw meat and not eat food like commercial cat food. It is just not natural for cats to eat cooked food, or over-processed food. When cats eat commercial cat food, it does not digest well, nor does it have the nutrition that they need in order to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

4. Commercial cat food also has ingredients that you cannot trust. It is very easy to see how many cat food companies have been incorporating subpar and cheap filler ingredients into their food. Much, including soy, wheat, and corn, is actually detrimental for a cat’s health. Worse still, many of the pet food brands out on the market use ingredients that are unhealthy for consumption ¬†including euthanized carcasses of diseased animals and chemical proteins. A natural cat diet would never include any of these!

5. A raw food cat diet will help prevent gingivitis in cats because the smaller chewable bones help scrub the cats teeth and gums. Multiple studies back up this oral health side effect of a proper cat diet. Not having to worry about your cat’s teeth means that you will be able to rest assured that your pet will have the best that life has to offer in terms of quality of life.

There is a lot of danger in feeding a cat poor cat food, and the truth is only starting to come out right now. Now is the time that you start looking into a natural diet for your favorite companion.

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Article used with permission of the author.

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