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By Steve Benedict

Picking out the right name for your dog is important. You need to put some thought into a name that means something to you. The name you give your puppy is the one he carries the rest of his life. You’ll kick yourself if you hang a name on your dog that you don’t care for later.

I like dog names with two syllables, as it’s easier to get your dogs attention. Your voice inflection on a two syllable word can convey many emotions, from praise to command. Dog names really change over the years and run the gamut from images of bravery to silly names that connect you to places in your heart.

Over the years Spot, Fido and Checkers have been replaced with catchy names like Rocky, Bubba, Bailey, Molly and Sasha. I’ve compiled what seem to be the top 99 dog names over the last few years. I’ve found that veterinarians and insurance companies are the best place to find this kind of information.

Where does your dog’s name rank?

1. Buddy

2. Max

3. Molly

4. Maggie

5. Jake

6. Lucy

7. Daisy

8. Rocky

9. Bailey

10. Sadie

11. Chloe

12. Ginger

13. Charlie

14. Sophie

15. Buster

16. Zoe

17. Cody

18. Brandy


20. Jack

21. Princess

22. Bear

23. Angel

24. Toby

25. Lady

26. Sasha

27. Roxy

28. Katie

29. Abby

30. Sam


32. Missy

33. Harley

34. Marley

35. Coco

36. Shadow

37. Annie

38. Lucky

39. Rusty

40. Samantha

41. Casey

42. Murphy

43. Gracie

44. Sammy

45. Bruno

46. Boomer

47. Maximus

48. Luke

49. Mickey

50. Romeo

51. Henry

52. Cosmo

53. Leo

54. Rex

55. Spike

56. Diesel

57. Chester

58. Otis

59. Tyson

60. Coco

61. Jasper

62. Pepper

63. Spencer

64. Scooter

65. Simba

66. Jocko

67. Simon

68. Peanut

69. Brutus

70. Prince

71. Chance

72. George

73. Sampson

74. Bubba

75. Marley

76. Scout

77. Maxwell

78. Rufus

79. Elvis

80. Barney

81. Taz

82. Smokey

83. Chico

84. Bo

85. Kobe

86. Bosco

87. Ben

88. Blue

89. Brady

90. Oreo

91. Chase

92. Guinness

93. Snoopy

94. Roscoe

95. Dexter



98. Harry

99. Moose

Do your homework and think about a name the whole family will be happy with the rest of your dog’s life. Although picking a pet name is not quite as important as picking out your childs name, your canine pal is still a member of the family and his name is going to be used around your house, every day, for years and years. Pick one that has the right feel and involve the rest of the family in the decision. That way, peace and harmony are achieved by all (especially Mom).

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NOTE FROM VAL: Read my article “Do You Know Your Animals True Name” before deciding on your dog’s new name!

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This is a great list of names for a good dog, I think “Cosmo” is a really cute name.

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