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Things I’ve Learned As An Animal Whisperer By Val Heart

What is an animal whisperer?

I define the term as someone who can hear, feel and see animal’s thoughts.

Can anyone who loves animals become an animal whisperer?


How do I know?  I know because animals have been whispering their innermost secrets, thoughts and feelings to me all my life.  And because I teach animal lovers all over the world how to whisper!

What I Learned in the Process of Listening to Animals

When I was four years old, an only child living in a wooded, hilly, rural area overlooking Lake Travis outside Austin, Texas, my orange cat Josie taught me how to respect and understand the world using feline sensibilities.  She was a feral cat who adopted me one bright sunny day.  She fascinated me.  I loved how she walked, how she smelled, and how soft her fur was.  We became best friends even though she was never as comfortable with other people as she was with me.  Together, every day we would snuggle up for a nap and share our thoughts about life’s experiences and insights with each other.


My parakeet Sparky taught me about life from a birds amazing perspective.  Being a bird is a unique experience and very different from being a cat or dog or human.  Sparky showed me what the world looks like from a bird’s eye point of view.  His fascination with mirrors and shiny objects made me laugh, and guess what?  His lasting legacy to me is that to this day, I too have a fascination with mirrors and shiny objects. I wasn’t very successful in teaching him to speak English words even though I played language speaking records for him over and over on my little red record player.  He however was very successful in teaching me the language of the heart in the form of animal whispers.

A family of white mice taught me about the intricacies of living in a tightly knit family group.  As a lonely only child growing up in the country with no human playmates close by, their whispered stories about family intrigued me very much.  The mice were compassionate, caring, playful and highly sensitive.  When they shared their viewpoint of the world with me, I felt the coziness and peacefulness of the nest.  I learned survival tips and how important it was to always have cover and an escape path.  They were adventurous as individuals, and they loved their family so much.  They each had roles to play for their family, and the matriarch was very special and wise.  They grieved their losses, and celebrated new babies.  They also whispered to me lessons about the dangers of overpopulation!

When I was seven years old, my family rescued a gorgeous German Shepherd dog named Fritz.  A wonderful animal whisperer, he taught me how to experience life from a dog’s viewpoint.   Strong of character, loyal by nature and possessing a big loving heart, I admired him so much!  I decided I wanted to be a dog like him when I grew up.  I would get down on all fours and we would race around the yard chasing each other playing tag.  Together we would laugh and bark at each other, until we collapsed in a heap in the yard.  He whispered to me about his abusive first owners, why he kept running away from home and how he spent his time when he was wandering the countryside.  He whispered about the other creatures he met, what he learned and the neighborhood news.  He taught me how to smell and scent the air, how to listen to vibration, frequencies and what the sounds meant.  He helped teach me how to life a good life.  One day on his travels, visiting his many friends, he discovered a young pregnant hippie girl living in a tent in Hippy Hollow.  She was all alone and afraid.  She needed him more than we did, so he made the choice to become her dog.  I grieved his loss from my life, but I honored and respected his decision.

My Welsh pony mare Maisie coached me through my difficult teenage years when I suffered from manic depression and suicidal tendencies.  After a rough day, I would sneak out of the house at night after my parents went to sleep and go to the stable. Wrapping my arms around Maisie’s neck I would hold on to her, burying my face in her beautiful black mane and cry my heart out.  She would turn her beautiful head and look at me intently with her big brown eyes that saw through to my soul.  Accessing her quiet strength, profound wisdom and love, we would discuss the situations I was struggling with.  Carefully she would listen, and then she would whisper exactly what I most needed to know.  Her truths, insights and viewpoints were brilliant, her sense of humor quirky and fun.  I left always feeling that I could cope better with life’s challenges.  Soon I would feel more peaceful and clear, ready to go to sleep and face another day.


The extraordinary animal whispers from nature and the wildlife surrounding me taught me how to be a better human being.  Accessing a lifetime of listening to animal whisperers, I now use my vast experience to save lives, heal and grow.  The super power of true animal communication, aka animal whispering, from heart to heart, mind to mind is a life changing experience.

Would you like to have super awesome animal whispering super powers like me?  All you need to do is learn how to talk to animals, how to open your heart and connect, and they will whisper their secrets to you too!  Start here at The Heart School of Animal Communication



Bio:  Val Heart, The Real Dr Doolittle™, Animal Communicator to the Stars, empathic behaviorist, speaker, author, master healer. Val specializes in healing chronic pain, illness, trauma, training, behavior, performance, euthanasia. Get your Free Report: 10 Things You Must Know Before Hiring An Animal Communicator at www.Valheart.com


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