Many of my clients have been happy to share their stories about our work together.  I am glad to be a part of their journey.  Enjoy!

Wow! Speechless at this Amazing, Mysterious & Magical Work

Cat-genericcatpicwithborder I first heard of Val from a deeply attuned friend who was having amazing breakthrough experiences in getting healing for her cat and also herself. I was intrigued and set up my own appointment. I have two cats, but I really wanted help for my 17-year old cat, Simba, the love of my life, who was experiencing a number of serious issues – hyperthyroidism, kidney problems, heart problems, digestive problems, mass in pancreas, teeth problems, etc.

I had already gone to the Vet and was given a list of very toxic, expensive, and invasive treatment options. I just couldn’t bear to subject Simba to radioactive iodine, steroids, or chemo. I was very panicked when I first talked to Val.

During the sessions I had with Val, I could not believe all of the journeys of healing that happened! Not only was Val able to communicate in such an intimate way with both of my cats (their unique personalities and traits clearly came through), she also taught me so much about the connection I shared with them at a very deep and multi-dimensional level.

Val helped me wade through dietary, energetic, and alternative therapy options in such a masterful and mind-blowing way. For example, I had been trying tuning forks on Simba and when Val intuited the protocol that was most appropriate for Simba (which forks to use in which sequence, where on the body, and for how long), she actually gave me the exact protocol that I had learned in an intensive sound healing training program, which very few people even know about.

I was even more humbled and in awe of her wisdom and insight with what Val did for me personally, healing past lifetimes and facilitating a really deep process to help me open and move into a more heart-centered place. I believe I was in tears and really resistant to that exercise that day, but I trusted Val and was ultimately grateful for her help in getting me through some painful emotional release that no therapist had ever succeeded in helping me with.

Four months later, Simba is still with me and doing pretty well. I am so grateful for the extra time we have been given and how much closer our bond has become through these powerful and life-changing sessions with Val. My other cat, Tungsten, has also benefited greatly and even my mother who lives with me has received healing through some of our session work. It is no accident we have special and unique animal companions sharing our lives with us at this time.

Every being on Earth is supporting each other’s mutual, higher expression and ultimate evolution. It is so beautiful to have this deeper connection with Earth through our four-leggeds. I will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with Val who so gracefully and expertly helped me to connect more deeply with my own beloved animals and the greater mystery of being part of the beautiful ecosystem of Earth.

Wow, I am speechless at this continuing, amazing, mysterious, and magical work together. I have lots of love and gratitude for you!

Monica K, Simba, and Tungsten
San Francisco, CA, USA

 From Skeptic to Believer in One Weekend with Val!

DawnDwyerDogsSomeone told me that I could communicate with animals. I didn’t believe this was really possible for me but out of curiosity I thought, if this is true, I should pursue it further. I am an animal artist and thought this could be quite valuable to be able to communicate with my subjects as well as with my own dogs.

I invested in Val Heart’s Animal Communication Made Easy Home Study Course, and honestly, I went into the course as a skeptic. As I was nearing the last module of the Course, Val offered a Beginning Animal Communication Virtual Retreat. I took advantage of the opportunity to learn directly from Val and a group of other people also new to animal communication.

I could not believe in just a weekend, Val had all of us really doing it! One of my dogs was chosen for the group communication exercise, and I could not believe how spot on everyone was from describing her favorite thing to do to her selective taste buds and her favorite treat. I also found myself getting crazy messages like a parrot that likes to “Surf”. Sure enough after disclosing this to the owner of the bird, she saw the bird with her wings extended out and bouncing up and down. She asked if she was surfing and the bird got all excited.

As you can imagine, I am no longer a skeptic and really look forward to the Advanced Animal Communication System Virtual Retreat. Val is the real deal and yes, you can learn to do this too. As Val pointed out, we all have the capability, we just forgot how. Dawn B. Dwyer, Fine Artist, New Richmond, OH http://www.dawnbdwyer.com/


ClaudeWestwithCat Animals Have a Tremendous Impact On Your Life Journey

“I recommend that all animal lovers consider taking the classes offered by Val Heart. It will open your eyes to many new opportunities to get closer to your pets. You will learn how to help them as well, as they help you through the journey of life. Val uses very simple yet powerful teaching techniques, and if you follow her instructions step-by-step, there will be endless possibilities of growth, understanding and healing for you and your pets. – Claude Westhttp://tipsaboutcats.com


I Found Out I CAN Talk to Animals, and You Can Too!

JackieDaisasCat“I have ALWAYS wanted to talk with animals. Even as a child I thought that my life would be complete if I could talk to animals and see the world through their eyes. However, I had no idea how to accomplish this. 40 years of my life went by before I found Val’s website. The Beginning Animal Communication System Virtual Retreat through its group consciousness, Val’s teaching and the group confirmations was exactly what I needed to get me started. Now I know that I really can do this! So, my journey begins. What a wonderful and esteem building experience. Thank you Val from the bottom of my heart.” – Jackie D., California 



 From Fear Aggression, Hyper vigilance and Devastation to Playful, Happy and Loving!

Newfoundlandpuppies  “To be honest, I’d always been hesitant to work with animal communicators, but when I met Val in person at a business networking event I was impressed by her caring, confidence and professionalism. So when my maturing Newfoundland puppy, River, began to display serious fear aggression–a problem I’d never encountered before in a lifetime of living with dogs–I decided to ask Val for help. 

I’d already tried training, socialization and desensitization. I’d been to an animal behaviorist and consulted all my savviest contacts in the dog world–trainers, veterinarians, breeders, friends. And still my dog was barking, growling and lunging at other dogs, and occasionally even people! It’s important to note also that River weighs well over a hundred pounds, most of it muscle. It was getting more and more difficult to control him.

Would I even be able to keep him? Should he be put down? I was devastated and out of options.

Because evidence indicated River’s issue was genetic, Val was honest with me that she couldn’t promise success, but she felt we definitely had a good chance of changing my troubled puppy’s behavior. Val first reminded me of pragmatic training principles I’d failed to enforce. Next, she helped River understand that his job is not to be constantly hypervigilant as he thought, but simply to make people happy.

I’m delighted to say that after only three sessions with Val, River is truly a different dog! Evidently, he enjoys his new assignment! He no longer barks wildly at new people; instead, he runs up to greet them smiling, his tail wagging. Just like a normal dog! And he meets most new dogs with playful rather than aggressive interest. We are still working through a few hiccups, which Val says is normal, but everyone who’s known River can see the huge difference in his demeanor and sweeter personality.

Best of all, Val helped me change my mindset toward this sweet boy and not hold his difficult past against him. Instead, as my trust in him rises, I’m learning to expect his best rather than fear the worst, which has freed us both to love and enjoy a special bond. I am truly grateful to Val for her compassion, insight, expertise and remarkable gift. And I’m sure River is, too!” – Sandra Y., Lakeside, California

 “Val’s Animal Communication System Virtual Retreat course is very informative and insightful with many opportunities to interact with other students from across the world.”

parot_talkingborder I sought out Val’s course as I have had some clients and friends seeking assistance with their pets and realized, to help those people further, I needed to know more about animal communication.

I am an Australian professional psychic medium healer who has had to learn how to use and understand her gifts the hard way – a lot of learning, reading, doing courses, trust, confidence issues, etc.

No supporting metaphysical family for me – if anything, just the opposite. I SO wish Val’s course was available earlier.

I found this course very useful in defining the difference between psychic information and information from the animal, I also had many ‘ah-ha’ moments and ‘why didn’t the others just put it like that’ with regard to intuitive/psychic information.

As with anything you learn, there has to be a lot of practice and trust to make that leap to hone your intuitive and telepathic abilities.

Just the other day when I was in my backyard, the Australian bush, this lovely bird landed nearby. I thought, let’s give Val’s techniques a go – so I said ‘hello”, looking at me and unflinching, the bird said ‘hello’ back to me. I asked it what it was doing and it said “I am enjoying this beautiful day” – “what a beautiful day it is”. Clear as a bell I heard that little bird talk to me. I knew it wasn’t my mind chattering – this skill comes from a lot of practice and trust which are the keys here.

We all have this ability – we just need to learn how to use it . Val’s course is very informative and insightful with many opportunities to interact with other students from across the world.

If you feel drawn to developing your intuitive skills, than this course will assist you greatly. And if you want to help our furry friends as well, then you have found the right course.

By the way, I got the home study course before the Animal Communication System Virtual Retreat started and I realized, I need to really sit down and pay attention as well – there is a lot of very useful and practical information in the home study course!

You really should consider “rejigging” the basics and also marketing it as an Intuitive Course or something like that as there is GREAT informative material in there that can be hard to find when we’re developing our psychic abilities.

Anna M., Holistic Therapist, Australia

 More Enlightening and Productive than Many Trips to the Vet

joannfingerstellacloseup_phixrwhiteborder Spending time talking to Val about my dog, Stella, turned out to be very enlightening and more productive than the many trips to the vet have ever been.   

I contacted Val because I was concerned about Stella’s chronic urinary tract infections and allergies and I needed to know if there was anything Stella wanted me to know about her health or general well being.  Val provided me with so much insight on my dog, that I could not possibly list it all here.   

For instance, she pin pointed specific problems with her food, and since switching her diet, we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of yeast on her skin and a lot less scratching.   

She’s also much happier and more vibrant, and her fur even looks cleaner.  Val also sensed some back pain in Stella and advised she have a chiropractic alignment.  With that, we no longer need the pain medication that the vet had prescribed for what they assumed was “spinal arthritis.”   

In addition to all the health advice that was SO helpful, it was fun to hear what Val had to say about Stella’s emotional well being.  She described Stella’s personality perfectly and when I asked if my kids bother her to much, it was fun to hear what Stella had to say:  “it’s ok.  I know they love me.”   

I am certain that I will work with Val again in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone who has questions about their animals!  — JoAnn Finger, North Bergen, NJ, USA

 Something Buried Within Me Was Causing My Heart To Fail… Val’s Quantum Leap Sessions Helped Me Heal My Heart & My Life

eileenegenchili411 causing my heart to fail (I’ve had 10 heart surgeries in the last 15 years), was making my relationships with my husband and son problematic, and was keeping me stuck in a job I’d come to hate.  I wanted her help releasing old fears and energy that I knew was trapped inside but could not locate or clear with any of the other work I’d done.  

She helped me overcome the death of my mother, trauma from a major motor vehicle accident, subsequent surgeries and gave me the courage to leave a job where I was unhappy and unsatisfied.  

She taught me the beauty of laughter and allowed me to believe in myself once again.  And, her long distance body talk sessions can’t be beat!  While Val worked to help me clear my issuesshe opened new doors for my family and helped heal my animals who were also feeling my stress.  

Her work is amazing and I am so thankful that she came into my life.  – Eileen, San Antonio, TX 

>Would you like to be Val’s next success story?  Find out more about Val’s Quantum Leap work

Val’s Medical Intuitive and Animal Communication Skills Are Invaluable for Preventative Care and Crisis Work

Dr.Ilani I have used Animal Communicators regularly over the years. With Val you are getting more than an Animal Communicator. You are also getting an Animal/Medical Intuitive.

As I have learned, when it comes to one’s body, animals are very much like humans. Some are very in touch with their bodies and can say what’s wrong while others can’t. As my (other) animal communicator says “my information is only as good as your pets convey.” However, with Val, she can also deeper by tuning into the organ and systems in question and intuit what’s wrong.

It is invaluable to have that input in addition to your Vet for both preventive measures as well as during a medical crisis. Val has been an amazing friend to me and my four legged Hans. — Dorit Susan Ilani, Ph.D. www.ThePauseMethod.com


Animal Communication Helped Diagnose This Cat’s Immune System Disorder


I set up a session with Val when my cat Abraham (Abie) deteriorated suddenly from what I assumed was the arthritis he had been diagnosed with a year earlier.

Almost overnight he was barely able to move and when he did he growled from pain. He would eat only when I brought his dishes of food and water to his mouth. (Fortunately, he somehow made it to his litter box.) In addition, he quickly developed the symptoms of a cold. I could tell he was in abject misery and I was concerned that he would be permanently incapacitated.

Val said she felt like Abie was having a reaction to the routine vaccinations that he had received several months earlier and that his whole body was inflamed. Because of the arthritis, Val told me that Abie’s immune system was compromised and that he shouldn’t have received the vaccines.

Before the session was over, Val gently used BodyTalk to help bring some quick relief to Abie. Two days after the session with Val, my husband called me at work and said he had found Abie sitting on our living room rug with our other cat Sylvia. Abie got up and walked from our bedroom into the living room to sit on his favorite wool rug by the couch. He would have had to walk a ways to get there. We’re amazed because the night before he was having a hard time even turning around.

A miraculous feat! I don’t really consider myself skeptical but I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I realized it was a sign that he would heal completely — and he has. Ten weeks later Abie is doing wonderfully and back to his old self.

I am so grateful for Val and her gifts as a healer and a teacher. It has changed my life. I recommend her to anyone that has a pet. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine.

Barbara Koonce, Austin, TX

I set up a session with Val when my cat Abraham (Abie) deteriorated suddenly from what I assumed was the arthritis he had been diagnosed with a year earlier.

 Almost overnight he was barely able to move and when he did he growled from pain. He would eat only when I brought his dishes of food and water to his mouth. (Fortunately, he somehow made it to his litter box.) In addition, he quickly developed the symptoms of a cold. I could tell he was in abject misery and I was concerned that he would be permanently incapacitated.

 Val said she felt like Abie was having a reaction to the routine vaccinations that he had received several months earlier and that his whole body was inflamed. Because of the arthritis, Val told me that Abie’s immune system was compromised and that he shouldn’t have received the vaccines.

 Before the session was over, Val gently used BodyTalk to help bring some quick relief to Abie. Two days after the session with Val, my husband called me at work and said he had found Abie sitting on our living room rug with our other cat Sylvia. Abie got up and walked from our bedroom into the living room to sit on his favorite wool rug by the couch. He would have had to walk a ways to get there. We’re amazed because the night before he was having a hard time even turning around.

 A miraculous feat! I don’t really consider myself skeptical but I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I realized it was a sign that he would heal completely — and he has. Ten weeks later Abie is doing wonderfully and back to his old self.

 I am so grateful for Val and her gifts as a healer and a teacher. It has changed my life. I recommend her to anyone that has a pet. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine.

Barbara Koonce, Austin, TX


 Amazed at How Fast I Can Communicate With My Dog After Only 2 Classes in the Animal Communication Made Easy System!

priscillaloCaseyMacDonaldBeachsnagit My senior dog companion Casey was experiencing serious health issues. My family members, friends and our vet were pressuring me to put him down… but I felt that it wasn’t Casey’s time to go yet. Before I made the decision to end Casey’s life, I turned to Val for help.

She confirmed that Casey did still want to more time and Val was able to quickly and confidently get the information we needed to help treat Casey.

I had used other animal communicators before. Val is different in that not only did she tell me Casey’s health condition and how he felt, she also gave me advice on how to help Casey heal.

I like Val because of her ability to communicate with Casey but more so because she is a problem solver. She doesn’t just give me a report of what is wrong. Instead, she goes the distance to help the two of us heal and prepare for our journey ahead. I can sense Val’s love and compassion with animals during her session and I am really impressed by that.

In fact, I am so impressed that I signed up for the Animal Communication Made Easy System to learn to communicate with Casey myself.

I have taken other animal communication courses before but didn’t get very far, so I gave up. However, the consultation session with Val re-ignited the passion that I have for animal communication.

My questions, concerns, doubts have been addressed, and I realize that I simply need to continue practicing and trust the process. I know that being able to communicate with animals will also help me with my Reiki work with animals.

Feeling hopeful, and encouraged, I immediately practiced what Val taught me and within two lessons we were on the road to recovery and to a new partnership.

I am amazed at how fast I can connect with Casey after only two classes! For instance, I was able to find out what caused the stress he was experiencing and where he had pain. It was an awesome experience. I have never felt more confident about my ability to communicate with all animals.

I highly recommend Val to anyone who is thinking of using an animal communicator because she can truly bridge the gap between people and their animal companions.

She not only tells you what the problem is, she also offers advice on how to overcome that so that you and you animal companion can start your healing journey together. With her insights, compassion and knowledge, Val introduces a whole new and better way to look at your life and the animals that share your life’s experience.

If you are interested in learning how to communicate with animals, I highly recommended Val’s Animal Communication Made Easy System.

I have been meditating for many years and I find the meditations Val included in this program to be very powerful. It will help you get to the quiet space where communion and communication takes place. The course is wonderful, well-researched and life changing.

– Priscilla Lo, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

 Dangerous Haflinger Horse Now a Joy To Be Around

lourobinsongabesnagit I called Val when I was feeling I should give up on my scared, aggressive, rescued Haflinger horse, Gabe. After two years, he still nipped and bullied people and his four herd members.

Even though he was great to ride, he was a huge management problem, and soon I couldn’t even get him to stand still to be mounted. The whole ‘family’ was fed up with him. I’d tried different trainers and would make great progress back home, then lose ground.

After only one phone session with Val, I could not believe his change! The very next morning!

No crowding me, soft eyes. I could lunge him without a halter or rope, and he would stand to let me get on bareback! All of the horses stared at me as if to say, what is going on?

At Val’s suggestion, we are addressing the whole herd differently, they are all four responding, and talking to us about it! Peace seems to reign.

I continue to work with Gabe on his ground manners. I have great hopes for us, and look forward to every day.

My thinking has changed in a fundamental way about my relationships with my horses and the world. And about the possibilities for real communication with animals, something I’ve worked on all my life. And I almost didn’t do this for myself! If you are thinking of calling Val, I would not hesitate to say Do It!

Lou Robinson
Cornell University

 Health Problems Discovered and Resolved

LoriFurthAnimals_000 When I first contacted you, I was so worried about my furrkids, 1 senior dog Noah and 2 kitties. They all have health problems and I didn’t know how to best help them.

I was also considering getting a younger dog because of his age, but I didn’t want him to think I was trying to replace him! He is my first dog ever and there will never be another Noah, he is my best friend.

I’ve had my own significant health challenges and found myself stuck in fear about a coming move, but I didn’t know why.

And while I knew about Noah’s major illnesses, I didn’t know about the nagging jaw pain and frequent headaches he was experiencing, until your communication with him. I was able to take that information to his doctors, who confirmed your findings and further addressed these issues. He’s much better now!

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and for guiding me with such kindness, acceptance and insight. We’ve truly enjoyed and benefited from our sessions with you. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and look forward to talking with you again!

Lori F. – Houston, TX


 Animal Communication Helps This Dying Dog

HelleGyllingDusty Dear Val,

I wanted to thank you so much for your help last week. When I first contacted you, I was terrified of losing my forever friend, Dusty. Others kept telling me to put her down but that didn’t feel right, so we were in desperate need of clarity and advice. I was so afraid I would fail my dear friend by making the wrong decision at the wrong time to end her life. I couldn’t stop crying.

Our session with you was so amazing, and by the end, I felt lighthearted and at peace again. Dusty had perked up and was happily wagging her tail with a joyful, loving look on her face.

Since then, Dusty and I have had a wonderful week. We have bonded and connected so strongly and when I look at her now, I just love her SO much and am so grateful that she is still here.

I have still cried a few times, but not long and deep, and am mostly at peace and feel grateful and thankful for the love we share.

Dusty has been mostly comfortable and even happy at times. Today she actually wanted to go in the car and we took the 3 min. drive down to the marina, and she even hopped out of the car and walked around for a little while – something she hasn’t done in a couple of weeks.

So, today is an extra good day and I am happy and full of love.

Thanks so much for your help – it completely shifted the energy.

Helle Gylling, Professional Astrologer and Counselor


 Creating More Love on the Planet Among All Us Creatures


 Knowing that you’re here listening to and speaking for our precious animal friends makes me a      happier person.

I realize that ever since I was a child living around animals – horses, dogs, even cows – I longed to know about their well being. My heart would wonder, “Are you happy? Are you well? Please know I care …”

Yet there was never a fulfillment of hearing something back from all God’s precious creatures surrounding me.

Now my heart is so deeply comforted to think of our animals having their messages voiced by such a loving deeply caring, highly intuitive person as yourself. Just knowing you are doing that gives me such joy.

Who you are is making such a difference to me and so many others to create more love on the planet among all us creatures!

Your Biggest Fan,

Shannon Peck, 
Spiritual Healer, co-speaker on Soulmate Relationships and co-author of bestseller, “The Love You Deserve” with my wonderful husband, Dr. Scott Peck www.ShannonPeck.com

Profound, life changing, therapeutic work helps me heal from cancer and recover from the devastating grief over the loss of my forever dog

kathrynbishopkalikandzoe_000 I started my journey with you a year ago because of the loss of my spirit dog, Kalik. I was devastated and my grief was incapacitating. I couldn’t imagine how I would go on. 

What intense powerful sessions… each so full of meaning and healing and “aha” moments! I have learned a great deal and always feel so refreshed, peaceful and inspired afterward. Your assistance, healing and support while I work with my own health issues has been profound, life changing and therapeutic, especially with your guidance and wisdom to bring clarity to it all.

I found what I learned from you during our sessions, and the healing process I go through is just what I needed. I feel a wonderful increase in my energy level and a profound sense of inner peace, calmness and acceptance, all precipitating a shift that is helping me to continue forward.

The work that you do to help us humans and our animals is extraordinary and of such merit. All that I have learned from you in our sessions together has made great sense to me and you have offered me the tools and support I have needed to process through this journey and restore myself. 

It was so comforting to once again connect with my spirit dog Kalik and hear his thoughts and insights, and again be able to experience his humour! The work we did helped me even more to lift the residual sadness and, instead, feel greater joy and gratitude with having had him in my life. 

It is very helpful to be able to connect with my other wonderful little dog, Zoe to find out what she is needing to help her along with her health.

I feel as though I am transiting into another chapter of my life that has so much more significance and depth. You have supported and guided me to see further into life’s mysteries and made it comprehensible. 

Thank you so much. You truly do have a special gift in helping others!

With much love and gratitude,
Kathryn and Zoe
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia

 Acupressure Helps with Grand Mal Seizures

From Helen & Deli, Nova Scotia, Canada:

During the past few months I have been amazed – truly astounded – to learn how effective acupressure (AP) can be for my wonderful agility dog, Deli.

She has a history of multiple Grand Mal seizures, usually in clusters of 3, every few weeks. (Her breathing was once interrupted for so long I feared she would go into respiratory arrest!)

Deli’s holistic vet suggested I try applying acupressure, in hopes of helping her through the post-ictal drunken stupor.  To my surprise and delight, it did seem that her post-ictal confusion was shortened, in fact, it almost disappeared. But that’s only the half of it!

I have now documented 14 seizures being offset by AP. Do I believe it possible for acupressure to stop a seizure? My answer has to be a resounding, “Yes!”

For me, final proof came thanks to an incredible event one night when a second seizure tried to follow a Grand Mal that had left her body only moments before.  She was still unconscious – a second seizure would represent her first “cluster” event in over a year.  I was frantic not wanting her to suffer the terrible cluster activity.

For 25 minutes I did AP, refusing to give up even when her head dropped and her neck muscles slowly contracted causing her head to begin an ugly twist to one side… I continued the AP, over, and over, and over…until, incredibly, and ever-so-slowly, the muscle spasm softened, then seeped away to nothing.  No seizure occurred. How wonderful was that!

If I was once a skeptic, I’m not any longer. I think it is absolutely amazing.  Even if your animal doesn’t have seizures like my Deli, this is such a wonderful, gentle tool we can all learn to use to help relieve stress, illness and pain.

 From Fighting Biting Dogs to Bragging Rights!

From Jean & Rick M., San Antonio, TX:

Hi Val,

I just have to brag about our dogs Roxie and Gypsy today.

As you’ll remember, when my husband and I first contacted you for help, it was because our dogs were becoming aggressively dangerous. 

We’d tried a number of things to resolve the problems, but it was getting worse. We were worried we might have to put one of our dear dogs down if we couldn’t find the solution quick. 

They’d go insane barking and trying to attack when anyone came over. That would escalate into bloody fights and bites, bloodying them and us when we tried to stop them.

Well, I am delighted to report that we had the UPS guy drop off a box on our front porch this afternoon. I asked Gypsy and then Roxie to go to their “place” and they both did (Roxie needed a bit of encouragement). 

I then opened the door, brought in the box, and set it on the floor. In the mean time, they are both just sitting on their “place”. 

I asked Gypsy to “come” to sniff the box, which she did and walked away.

I then asked Roxie to “come” to sniff the box, and she did. Without any barking or anxiety this whole time!!

I know it sounds like a small thing, but I was so proud of my little girls!

 You Taught Me How to Connect to ALL Animals

“Dearest Val,

I personally value the way animals feel about me more than people. People are so fake and so fickle, and often even vicious, regardless of what they know of you or how you’ve been with them. 

Animals see who we really are. Instantaneously. I believe it was Greta Garbo that once said, “I’m glad not everyone likes me. I would think less of myself if they did.” That’s how I feel about people. 

I value how animals feel about me much more than how people do. Before I knew you, I had an ability to connect with cats, all cats, even those other people said wouldn’t come up to me or would run away. Cats know they can trust me. 

You’ve taught me how to extend the love I feel for cats and how to connect with them to other animals, even ones I was previously afraid of. 

You’ve helped me be able to walk around my neighborhood and interact with big scary dogs behind fences or on chains that bark crazily at other people, but who sit quietly and accept the love I have to offer them when I walk past their yard. I’ve been able to quietly and easily rescue the birds and other creatures my cats have brought in the house over the years. 

My animal life has been so magnified by you. 

I believe you might be one of the people who have had the greatest effect on my life. You’re a powerhouse! I love you.” – Marcy H., Dallas, TX

 Calming My Troubled Heart While Facing My Worst Fears

lesliehowardBuddy_phixr_000 “When my beloved, 15 yr old cat, Buddy, became seriously ill and the veterinarian told me that he was in renal failure, I knew I really needed Val’s help. I had worked with Val before and received such great insights and comfort, but this was serious and I was scared. I didn’t know what to do.

After talking with Val, I had such peace of heart and mind.

Even though she confirmed my worst fear, that yes, he was dying; with her help I realized that death was nothing to be afraid of.

We talked about death, and how in the end, he would like some help, and that meant I had to face my biggest fear of all – having him put to sleep. We talked about the dying process and what I could do for him to help ease the transition. It was O.K. now for me to let him go.

Even in the final days of Buddy’s life when he quit eating and drinking and I became frightened again, Val continued to coach me through it and helped calm my troubled heart. She answered all my worried questions and fears. She didn’t let me down, she continued to love me through the whole experience with compassion and empathy. Val’s added insights helped me to face the fear, embrace it and enjoy the time I had left with my sweet cat, Buddy.

Because of her guidance I was amazed that the whole process of Buddy’s death was so natural and peaceful. It was a joyous life experience to be lived and not a terrible grieving process to be endured.

I would highly recommend to anyone Val’s talents as an animal communicator because she bridges the gap between people and their pets. With her insights and compassion and knowledge she creates a whole new and better way to look at your life and the animals that share your life’s experience.” -Leslie W., Bartlesville, Oklahoma

 Significant Improvement in Dogs Behavior – No More Dead Ducklings!

KathrynOrthsTicoandLuchaopt_phixr_001 Our dogs were attacking our baby ducks and no amount of talking, telecommunicating, discipline, or reprimand was solving the problem. I have had a lifetime of dealing with animals, and many called me ‘Dr. O-Little’ (riffing off my last name) or a pet shrink, but in fact I had a lot to learn.

Val educated my husband and me, after chatting with our dogs, to the fact that we were not giving them enough to do. I had thought that letting them do what they pleased instead of conforming to my commands or requests for tricks was respecting their autonomy, as their work was to guard the property.

I had not understood that in fact they want to perform, to show off their intelligence and willingness to do what we ask. We also were allowing the alpha male to be disobedient on occasions we didn’t know how to deal with (e.g., not coming when called, on a large property where chasing him down is not feasible).

The guard dog, she also revealed, had severe anxieties about having been abandoned as a puppy (both are rescued animals), and was obsessively ‘over-mothering’ the ducklings to the point of injuring or killing them.

After a few sessions, Val was able to get them –and us—to rethink their (and our) behaviors and approach with great success.

The improvement in their behavior has been significant… and no more dead ducklings! Many thanks for your efforts, Val!” – Kathryn O., Alabama

 Pepe’s Story & Message: The Joy of Love Truly is Greater Than The Pain of Loss

daleannbaconSPbed3-17-05_phixr I cannot even begin to enumerate the ways you have helped, guided and blessed me and my fur-babies over the last 14 years!! THANK YOU is an understatement.

Because of my extensive work with animal rescue, 9 years ago I saved a little Chihuahua named Pepe from an abusive situation. 

Because of the success of our work together in so many other cases like this one and with my other animals too, I immediately sought your council and healing work for him. 

It hurts me that he had to lose an eye in order to find his way to me but I am SO very grateful that I did not miss the opportunity to experience this wonderful Spirit in the flesh. 

As he settled in to the safety, love, companionship and good food of our home, his true self began to emerge. I started calling him Pepe Lama — because his precious Spirit reminded me of the Dalai Lama! Peaceful, wise, strong and loving.

When he was diagnosed with a heart murmur and slightly enlarged heart 3 1/2 years ago, I realized that he probably would not live to his potential life expectancy for a Chihuahua. And on Dec. 23, 2010, my precious Pepe went back to God.

I am without doubt that your BodyTalk healing sessions and communications with him extended his earthly life and helped him to understand what was going on.

I am also without doubt that he was not ready to leave us but his vessel just could not continue to sustain his earthly life any longer. I know this because over the years you have guided me and taught me to hone my communication skills.

To have him guide me through the burial of his earthly vessel and still be able to communicate with him and feel his presence are great comforts.

The one truth that has emerged is that LOVE IS ALL. I am forever changed because of Pepe’s presence in my life. 

In great part because of YOU, I reached the point where the joy of love is greater than the pain of losing his earthly body. Thank You!

Dale Ann Bacon, Lafayette, LA, Tax accountant for 40 years and former President of the Humane Society in Lafayette, Reiki Master, Body Talk Practitioner, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Reconnective Healing Practitioner

 From Immeasurable Grief to Reconnection and Peace

kathrynbishopKalik2007opt_phixr  Before my session with Val I was still filled with immeasurable grief experienced with the loss of my forever dog, Kalik. Even though it had been six months since his transition into spirit, I had trouble connecting with him and still was feeling empty and without purpose not having him beside me in physical form. I had lost all interest in moving forward in life, as he was my reason for being.

My search for answers, peace and closure led me on a journey that brought me in touch with Val and the wonderful world of animal communication.

During my session, Val helped me work though the grief, connect with my special dog and talk to him through her. She helped me to address my concerns and worries about him during his illness, and in the after life, and to know that he was happy and still with me in spirit. Val helped me to learn how to further deepen my relationship with him.

With Val’s help I was able to remove the barriers that kept me from connecting with Kalik and to finally know and feel he is still with me. During the session, I could feel Kalik’s joyful energy and spirit surrounding me, and I was able to release the crippling grief that kept me from moving forward…my session with Val was truly life changing.

I still miss Kalik’s physical presence of course, but I now feel connected with him in spirit and I know he is there beside me guiding me on my path. I feel capable now of continuing on, knowing we have a spiritual journey together ahead of us.

Words cannot express how grateful I am for Val’s guidance and assistance. I would recommend Val’s work to anyone who is experiencing the enormous grief that engulfs us when it is time for our animal companions to continue on their spiritual journey.

I only wish I hadn’t taken so long to schedule my session with her because the agony I was going through could have been lessened by addressing things sooner. Val can really help! – Kathryn B, Grand Pre, Nova Scotia


Animal Communication Made Easy Course Really Inspired and Encouraged Me!

I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely Thank You for your wonderful home study course. I have completed it, and it has been extremely helpful. 

It has re-ignited the ongoing passion that I have had for animal communication for the last several years. My questions, concerns, doubts have been addressed, and I realize that I simply need to continue practicing a great deal and feeling confident about my process.

Your course is wonderful, and incredibly well-researched and presented. I just wanted to compliment you on this.

I’ve read just about every book on this subject that exists and have studied with a couple of other communicators, and I very much appreciate all that you have put into your course – content, organization and INSPIRATION.

My “day job” has made it very difficult for me to get away to live workshops or scheduled teleclasses, so this was perfect for me.

I plan one day to be able to focus a great deal more time and energy on this type of communication – for now I practice as much as I can with the animal companions of friends, family, friends-of-friends, etc.

It’s like I don’t have a choice – this is something that I just have to do!!  🙂

Thank you again, and I wish you all the best! – Patrice B.

 Grand Prix Dream Horse Mystery Lameness Turned Around In ONE Session!

clip_image002_000 “I finally got my dream horse – an 11 year old Grand Prix dressage Andalusian stallion – and from day 1 had problems! He arrived from across the country stressed and upset at his new environment and at leaving his prior trainers’. Then, he foundered as a result of gelding surgery a couple of weeks later and nothing we tried helped him heal.

Desperate to help my horse I turned to Val for the first time. I could not believe what happened in just one session! She was able to quickly and confidently get the information we needed to help treat him properly. Plus, we tapped into what he needed from me as his new partner.

Feeling hope for the first time I immediately practiced what Val taught me and within ONE session with him that same day we were on the road to recovery and to a new partnership. Since then, Val’s sessions have helped me learn how to ride passage, piaffe and to continue to create an amazing partnership with this extraordinary horse.

Val’s work has changed my life with this horse — and with ALL of my horses — forever! I continue to get regular sessions with her, as I’m eager to understand what my horses are trying to tell me. Thank you Val for saving my horse and for saving my relationship with him… my horses thank you, too!”

Kendall SummerHawk


Recently one of my clients was interviewed by a local journalist about my work, and here’s what she said about her experience:

Q: Why did you decide to use Val’s services as an animal communicator?

Lori: My cat, Barney, had to have 4 teeth pulled. But a few days after the extractions, he was howling out in pain. I brought him back to the vet several times and ran all kinds of tests and no one could figure out what was the problem. I had known about Val for a long time and had never used her services, but I was out of options and decided to give her a try. She was expensive, but the vet bills and tests were getting expensive too.

Q: Tell me about your experience. Was it positive? Negative? Have you seen any differences in your animal?

Lori: I found out right away that Barney didn’t have anything physically wrong other than the normal healing from his teeth extractions. She told me that Barney had a frightening experience at the vet when he was under anesthesia. It sounds weird, but she sensed another animal that had died was not completely ready to “cross over” and was trying to take over Barney. She worked with the other animal to move on and to help Barney be free of that spirit. 

She also did some healing work with Barney and he was noticeably better after the session. Prior to the session with Val, he was hiding under the couch or in the closet, not eating well, and occasionally howling out in pain. She suggested some homeopathy formulas to give him after the work she did with him and after a couple of weeks, he was pretty much his old self again.

Had I gone to her before all those vet visits and tests, I could have saved several hundred dollars as well as the worry that there was something seriously wrong with Barney. I honestly wondered for a brief time if Barney would ever get better.

Q: Would you use Val again?

Lori: Most definitely

Q: What do you think animal communicators, specifically Val, could do that other experts can’t do?

A: She can definitely find out what an animal thinks and wants to express that no vet can tell you. She can give them a voice.

Q: What was something you learned about animal communicators you had never learned before?

Lori: I didn’t even know they existed until I heard of Val. I’m sure there are some out there that are scams, but my experience with Val has been very helpful.

Q: Is there anything you would do differently in the future?

Lori: Although I believe in proper health care and am not against vets, I would consult with Val if I have anymore issues with my cats that I cannot diagnose on my own before spending a lot of money and stress on my animals at the vet. 

I also want to pursue her course in animal communication to learn to do this myself. I had been interested in the past but never did it because I didn’t know if she was “for real” until now. Although I am not glad that my Barney had to go through so much difficulty with his teeth extractions and afterward, it has been a rewarding experience to meet Val. 

 clip_image001_014Mystery Unhappiness and Chronic Lameness Resolved & Problem Show Hunter/Jumper Turned Around!

Your work with Slim has been fantastic. After a cross-country move I could tell she just wasn’t happy. I gave you a try because nothing else was helping. You were amazing and now she is so much happier, back to her normal self. And you helped address her ongoing lameness issues. I look forward to our talks like I would a dinner party or special holiday!

After your great work with Slim – you helped me find a show horse for hunters. Since I am learning jumping – I needed a very good-minded horse. We “visited” with several horses before finding Cory. She was a surprise and has been a treasured gift.

She wasn’t a sweet horse or suitable for beginners but your conversations with her made it a lot easier to give her a try. She keeps surprising everyone with her willingness to put up with my amateur mistakes and her depth of character – she tries her best and always gives me 100 %.

People who see her now assume she was misunderstood, or that she likes us better, but in my heart I know this turnaround is due to you. She is such a snuggler now and loves attention. And we’re competing together, and doing really well!” – Lina W., Pleasanton, TX






Fighting Pack of Dogs Now Calm

You started me on a new path and a week later my formerly fractious pack is sitting here around me calmly.  No one is fighting, they are not growling at each other constantly, they do not bark all the time anymore, and they are happy to listen to and obey me.  It seems like a miracle but it is not, just the results of listening to someone who really knows what she is talking about and can communicate that effectively to others. Communicating with understanding really is the key. 

It is interesting to note that all I have to do now is think about us all sitting here talking to you and they calm right down LOL!  They are responding very very well.  The changes you suggested are proving very effective and their behavior and manners have changed dramatically and quickly.

Given what they told us about throwing up and how they were feeling, I changed their food immediately. Lou is much better and has not thrown up since.  They even act like the new remedies and foods are a Huge Treat!  LOL  Think that I am saving money with their new diet too but have not done the cost analysis yet! 

Winch is MUCH better.  I treated him for pain like we talked about, and the next morning he woke up DIFFERENT.  His eyes were bright and wide, I never noticed that the poor thing was squinting in pain because it came on gradually!  Feel bad, but it is fixed now.  He is totally changed and romps and plays some now, much perkier. THANK YOU. 

Val, it was really great working with you.  I think it was a great value, and cost effective considering all the input I got and how well they’re responding now.  Thanks again for everything, and please take care. 

Love & hugs.” — Barbara B., Loneview, WA


  Problem Gelding Goes On To Win Regional Championships!

“Val Heart gave me such great advice and clarity for my life, helped me improve my health, and also made such a difference with my horse, Aries, that we swept into the dressage shows and won a whole pile of blue ribbons — in only 6 months! I can’t believe I was on the verge of selling Aries and giving up on him only a short while ago… now, we are excited to see each other and are winning almost every show we enter. We are both healthier, too, and that mystery lameness Aries had? Now I know where it’s coming from, what to do about it and what my contribution to the problem actually is. Awesome! Thanks, Val! I don’t want to know where we would be without you.”  — Tracy B. and Aries, 6 year old warmblood gelding, Fenton, MI

From Tracy B., January 7, 2009 – “I wanted to give you an update:  Belle is doing so much better, she is now acting like a very happy puppy! She loves to play ball and is happy to go for rides in the car, she is very well mannered and is such a delight.  When my Dad got her from that breeder in Texas and sent her to me, she was in such bad shape.  She could not seem to learn anything.  It was like she was in her own little world and I could not connect with her at all. I am so glad I hung in there.  She is a real treat now. 

I also wanted to share with you our final overall for this past year.  Aires and I ended up getting the following:

UNITED STATES DRESSAGE FEDERATION: bronze medalall breeds award- Adult Amateur 3rd level – reserve champion

UNITED STATES EQUESTRIAN FEDERATION: Leading breeder- Adult Amateur 3rd level champion

Performance Horse: National- Adult Amateur 3rd Level champion

AMERICAN WARMBLOOD SOCIETY: 3rd level Adult Amateur – reserve champion

MIDWEST DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION: Adult Amateur 3rd level year end- 3rd place

WATERLOO DRESSAGE SERIES: Adult Amateur 3rd level champion

Aries is doing well and much better, not sure if we are gonna move up to fourth level this year or not.  I prefer to wait until he has developed the strength.  He is still struggling some with a few movements, so we may just do 3rd again this year, which is fine for me.  I am just so happy to have him and get to enjoy him.  Lots of Love!”  –Tracy, Aries & Belle, Fenton, MI, USA 

 180_Husers_dog_speedy Aggressive Dog Behavior Resolved

“My husband and I first started using Val’s services to help us with our dogs, Heidi and Speedy.  Heidi was aggressive and unpredictable, and Speedy was all over the place!  We used to dread taking them on walks, and they barked at strangers and family alike.  Heidi had bitten several people and I was a bit afraid of her.  Their aggression seemed to be escalating and we didn’t know what to do.  We never knew what would set them off, and lived in fear that they’d bite someone or get in a fight with another dog.  She taught us so much in a short amount of time! They became really well behaved and  reliable.  We actually looked forward to going for a walk with them!  That was amazing and something we never thought would happen!  And as we learned to communicate with our dogs ourselves, things got easier and easier.

Then I got pregnant with our first child.  Val’s healing work and gentle therapies helped me have an easy pregnancy and delivery.  It was fascinating when the dogs told us things about the baby as it was growing inside me.

Since Heidi had never been comfortable around children, we were terribly afraid of what she might do when we brought our baby home.  Val worked with us, helping us all build our confidence as we learned how to give Heidi good clear signals and support, and Speedy more direction about what we wanted her to do.  It turned out that when we brought Luke home, it was a non-event!  We’d never have believed it possible before.

I’m sad to say that Heidi’s difficult personality and chronic pain issues got the best of her, and we decided to do the compassionate and safe thing for all of us.  With heavy hearts, we wound up putting her down last spring.  We know we did the right thing by her and our growing family.  And after talking with Heidi through Val, we know that Heidi is fine now too, and is happily watching out for us in spirit.

I also decided to work with Val on some personal issues and I’m thrilled to report What’s happened.  We’ve worked through some marital issues and now my husband and I are closer than ever before!  I’ve also suffered with a long time addiction to cake and sweets that began in college.  And in our last session, Val helped me bust the addiction!  Before, I Couldn’t stop eating until it was all gone and I’d find myself taking frequent trips to the bakery for more.  I even confess I had taken to hiding sweets and would “plot” how I could get seconds or thirds at a party and no one notice.  I knew it was time to get help. 

Now, things are going really well with limiting sweets.  I was really proud of my self during the holidays as Steven and I split a piece of pie and it did not even taste that good!  Thank you for all of your help and we hope you have a Happy Holidays!” —- Bridgett & Steven H, La Grange, TX


Horse Overcomes Illness to Compete Again!

“From Sarah Griffith, SKG Dressage, Aug 2007:  “I can’t believe that only a year ago, my 20 year old Grand Prix Dressage horse, Libero, was terribly ill. Even though the vets couldn’t figure out what the problem was, he was so sick they wanted me to put him down. It was touch and go there for a while, and when I contacted you, I was a mess. You helped us communicate with each other, and Libero told you how he was feeling, where the pain was coming from, and that he wasn’t ready to leave yet! That gave me the hope I needed to keep going and not give up. The vets thought his

career was over but Libero didn’t agree with them. Thank God I listened to you. Now, against ALL odds, Libero and I are back in training, working towards completing our titles. We are actually showing again! I can’t thank you enough, Val.” 

From Sarah, Feb 2008:  “Hi Val! I have some new info.  Libero was in a special ultrasound clinic this weekend as a test subject.  Lets just say he was the talk of the clinic and not because the joint looked so perfect.  They do not know why or how he is sound!  His joint has so many problems.  But I am about to leave for a horse show with my trainer telling me I am going to kick some ass!  The vets only comment was that Libero loves what he does so much he is willing to work through the pain!  I can give you a more scientific account of this but I have to look in my notes for the correct words.  I really feel like I have been through a magical experience with you and my horse!  Love, Sarah”

180_gina_mendez_chico Dog’s House Training Issues Resolved!

“Val, I just wanted you to know that after you had that one session with Chico, he stopped urinating indoors.  I must admit that every once in a while he slips, but there was a major change after your session. My little female Chihuahua had turned into the Tasmanian Devil after a visit from another female puppy. Her angry behavior continued after the female puppy left. However, once you communicated with her, she became the beautiful little docile girl she once was. – Gina M., San Antonio, TX


180_142_jtigerjumpGelding Overcomes Mystery Lameness to Compete Again!

“LeTigre, National Show Jumper Champion

I first met Val a number of years ago when my Arabian gelding, Tiger, was having some problems.  He wasn’t performing well at times, and was often experiencing mysterious lameness.

I have been consistently impressed with Val’s ability to pinpoint the issues and am very pleased with the results I experienced. 

I felt I had a partner to help me better understand my horses, and also made a good friend. I am glad for all that she’s taught me over the years, and glad she’s part of my team. ~~ J. Leatherwood, Austin, TX

180_jeanna_gabellini_roxie Val Helps with Dog’s Joint and Eating Issues!

“I’d been hot on Val’s trail and finally nailed her down to be interviewed on our radio show. It was the first interview ever where I forgot to go to commercial break because I was so engaged in what she was saying! Her information is so leading edge and compelling! I loved it so much I immediately hired her to work with my dog! After one session I totally changed MY behavior with my dog and a ton of stress melted off my shoulders. Val helped me with her eating and joint issues. Val rocks the animal world and she has great compassion while doing i!  – Jeanna Gabellini

(Visit www.exceptionalwisdomradio.com to learn more about Jeanna and Eva and the extraordinary work they are doing, or click here to listen as this amazing duo and I talk candidly as they interview me for their show about communicating with animals and why that is vitally impotant to improving your relationships with them.)

180_karen_mcintyre_critters_000Learning Animal Communication Helps with Her Cat’s Behavior!

“What an eye opener it was to read the 10 Most Serious Mistakes!! I found it very informative & helpful in ways I had never thought about before. Wow, I thought I knew a lot about animals!! Have I got a lot to learn & now I believe I’m on the right path. I’m blessed to have found you & I can’t wait to learn as much as possible!  

I have always wanted to study animal behavior & learn how to communicate with them & have several times searched the internet, asked my Vet, & other animal people “in the know” but have never got the answers I was looking for. Then all of a sudden I search the web again & there you were! 

Maybe I just wasn’t ready when I asked before. Well, I’m ready now! And I’m confident that you are the person I want to work with.  I can see a change in my cat, Mick, already!  This is Amazing!” — Karen M, Bear Island, NB, Canada







150_angela_schrutka_honey_1208Dog’s Health and Behavior Shows Remarkable Improvement!

“I am so appreciative of you.  I feel like I have so much more control of myself.  Thank you for helping me with my confidence.  We were talking about how good the puppies are now (they were driving us crazy before!) and how much you have helped me with them.  Their health has improved along with their behavior.  I wish, I wish, I had known you when Alex and Bear Bear were alive. Their lives would have been much healthier and happier.  I wish I had known to talk to them like you’ve taught me to do with Honey.  I get a look of true understanding from Honey and Katie now.  I used to dread going home now, I can’t wait to get home to see them. I love them so.   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!” – Angela S, San Antonio, TX

After Angela had been working with me for a few more months this is what she had to say:

“Just wanted to send you some new pictures of my girls.  Honey’s gray stripe that was down the middle of her back is gone.  She still has gray but more dispersed and a little more concentrated under her chin, but look at those ears!  I think they are beautiful.  Kathie has always looked good to me.  She has a beautifully muscled body.  Thank you for all of your help.”  Angela

160_taylor Horse Owner’s Health Improves – Able to Keep Her Horse!

“When I first met Val, I had been diagnosed with terminal multiple sclerosis and hadn’t much longer to live. I was looking for someone to help me find a home for my beloved Russian Arabian gelding, Ptailor Made, who I had raised and trained. 

Through Val’s assistance, I not only didn’t have to give him up, but I began recovering my health too. Also, I got to watch a remarkable friendship blossom between her and Tailor as he taught her many things. I’m grateful for the extra few years we had together, and for the loving care and support Val so freely provided.

In December 2001, Tailor’s lifelong recurring colic episodes got the best of him, and he left us to go teach somewhere else for awhile. We love you Tailor. God speed — until we meet again.” — Bonnie S., Boerne, Texas

180_Joyce__K_2006_07_09_002_cropped Dog Reflects Owner’s Illnesses!


“Over the last four years in working with you, I have learned that in order to help my Shetland Sheepdog, Kati, I must first look within myself and heal the imbalances in my thinking, feeling, and physical self.  Kati was mostly a reflection or mirror of what was going on inside of me.  If I was afraid or angry, Kati would react with barking and fear/aggression behaviors.  If I was ambivalent or frustrated because I was unsure of my inner strength, Kati would test the limits.

With your help I was able to see what I was doing instead of thinking I needed to fix her.  You gave me clear directions and encouraged me to experiment with different behaviors.  You helped me balance my emotions, calming myself first so that Kati can be calm.  Our walks are more pleasant, she calms down when I ask her to, and she alerts me when it�s necessary. 

My relationship with Kati has reached a level beyond simple obedience training.  You�ve made it possible for us to experience a sweet cooperation that will only grow richer.

Thank you again.” — Joyce T and Kati, Dallas, TX

180_leann_cumby_tequila_108  Abused Horse’s Behavior Issues Resolved – Sense of Closure After Passing

“Val has helped me multiple times with my horses Tequila and Duster. Having problems with Tequila, I gave her a call. Tequila had been from home to home and abused at times. He was very head strong and hard to handle. During our session, we learned he no long wanted to run barrels. I agreed that day to stop, and from that time on his personality and demeanor changed. We had a very special bond of trust with each other. Tequila was a great friend. He died at the age of 18. Once again, I called Val to help in this matter. Tequila knowing that I did everything possible to save him and that he was alright, helped me with the grieving process. He will be missed and always loved.” — LeAnn C., Clyde, Texas


178_Rita_hendricks_Pups_4_08 (1)

Animals Have a Purpose Too!

“I am so very grateful to know Val. I think the best thing I have learned from her is our animal friends have a purpose in their lives. Lessons we learn from them with open hearts give them joy and help both travel the journey of life in richness.

I first contacted Val when my dog, Mugsy was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. I wanted to make sure the road my dog and I were to travel was paved with the best decisions I could make. My consultations with Val reassured me, gave me direction and such comfort when it was time for him to leave.  

When we welcomed Bernice, my new puppy, into the family I again called Val. I wanted to make sure I was raising a well balanced dog and needed help with some behavior challenges.  And we are continuing to learn how to better communicate with each other. I also wanted to have our other older dog understand all the recent changes. Val helped us on so many levels.

It’s not an animal thing, it’s not a human thing, it’s a ‘being’ thing with a deep understanding and feeling of peace and harmony without boundaries.  I thank you Val.  — Rita H., Dallas, TX

180_sara_fulcher_-_natalie_n_clark Getting a Sense of Closure after the Passing of Their Puppy!

“On behalf of my daughter and myself we would like to say how incredibly impressed we were with Val’s God-given ability to communicate with our one year old puppy who died of mysterious causes. Clark had two bouts of very serious illness within a 5 week period that shut down his kidneys. After taking him to our beloved Vet and an Internist, they could not find the cause of his illness. He ended up in the Pet Emergency room and died hours later. We were both saddened by this tragedy and what made it so much worse is that we didn’t know if it was something we could have prevented. While attending a church class, I was telling someone in the class about our dilemma. It was then that Val’s name came up. With nothing to lose and everything to gain, we scheduled a reading with her. The reading we had was so incredibly powerful. Val was able to get in touch with our puppy and get some definitive answers even the autopsy didn’t show. In addition to getting the health answer we were looking for, we received some very comforting information as well. Val is a very kind sweet lady with an amazing gift. I would recommend her services to anyone who has lost a pet or anyone who would like information about their exising pet. Her knowledge and insight are amazing.” — Sara F. & Natalie H., San Diego, California October 17, 2007


Dog Get’s Sense of Balance Back After Move

“Wow! I was blown away by how on target you were during our recent session. You answered questions I had not even thought to ask, and provided such wonderful insight about Finley’s overall health and wellbeing. I went into our session with a healthy amount of skepticism, however, you proved to not only be the real deal….but much to my surprise, since our session last week, Finley’s whole demeanor has changed. He has more energy, seems happier and more like the dog we knew before the stress of our recent relocation. You are a tremendous resource and I hope to have a chance to work with you again. Thanks again for all your help!!! Sincerely, Jo Ann C., Tulsa, Oklahoma



Dog Regains Health

“Three and a half months ago I was devastated with the news that my sweet, loving little dog had advanced liver disease. Armed with nothing but a prescription for antibiotics and Denisile and a “wait to see what happens” from the vet I read everything i could get my hands on from the Internet and ordered in all probably $1,000 worth of supplements, ebooks and found my self shopping for the best quality of anything I thought Willy might be able to eat and keep down.

After 45 days Willy seemed to be improving remarkably. I live in a heavily mosquito infested area and since Willy had already skipped one month of heart wormer, I gave him his dose and he crashed three days later. The vomiting, jaundice etc. were back and we were at square one again only the vet didn’t seem to think that the heart wormer was to blame.

Willy was begging for the worst kinds of food (cheese and ham) and he started to swell with ascites. He got so big and uncomfortable and i thought we were losing the battle. In my researching the Internet i saw Val Hearts site and contacted her for an appointment.

At the time I was irritated at her fee and in the back of my mind thought about cancelling it. The following week in my work, the new clients I attracted seemed to want me to work for a lot less than I was worth so I recognized this as a message from the universe and started to open my mind about the price. While waiting for her consultation my little dog started having tremors and couldn’t walk and it was so heart breaking I decided upon rising one day to have him euthanized when I got home from work. i called Val and left her a message telling her this and she called me back within an hour and asked me to consider waiting if I could until after her session which was 4 days away. When I got home, Willy greeted me with so much enthusiasm, I knew Val was right and we scheduled an ultrasound from an internal specialist for the next week.

Our session came and it was so beautiful and profound it is hard to put into words. Val communicates with animals from the highest possible place…she touches the sacred place in beings and heals from this place Willy had allot to say about the purpose and reason for his illness and how i could heal him. Being able to communicate to him so precisely enabled me to see him as the high spiritual being he truly is and in thus doing he started to heal himself in the session. He said that the something that was twisting in his stomach was unwinding and that he was already feeling the pressure release.

During this session, Val applied healing to every being in my household and gave a rating on what Willy was taking and eating as to what was most beneficial and least beneficial. 36 hours later Willy’s fluid build up was totally and completely gone. The Dr. giving the ultra-sound (3 days later) said there was NO fluid in his abdomen and that what ever was causing the the disease was gone, she said that she would even call it a miracle. 

In retrospect, if someone I know is in trouble, before I do anything I will call Val, for my animals, for my Grandsons, for myself. i have recommended her to anyone I think might be open to listen. I will gladly pay her fee and gloat at the money i have saved on dangerous surgeries, medications etc. I am so thankful for Val Hearts gifts and talents and I can contest that she is indeed a Master Healer.” — Carrie S., Austin, Texas

180_Tanya_putnam_Jake_608 Dog Overcomes Pain Problems!

“As an accountant and very much a “show me how this works” person, I was admittedly skeptical about working with an animal communicator.  Then to find out she wouldn’t be meeting us in person where I could really SEE her communicating with Jake, I thought “This is crazy!”.  Fortunately for Jake, I was motivated enough to understand his pain and what was causing it, that I moved forward with working with Val to get some answers.  And that is exactly what we got!  Val was able to connect to Jake telepathically and “talk” to him about the level of pain, where it was coming from, what activities were causing it and making it better or worse and then explain to him why he needed to change his behavior to avoid hurting himself.  WHICH HE DID!!!  That’s when I knew this was really “working”!  In addition, I found out that he was interested in getting a second dog and what he would like in a companion.  Four weeks later, we had our perfect match and Jake & Jenny are like peas and carrots.  Had I not gotten Jake’s “input” to finding a second dog, we would have ended up with a very different situation.  Val has been incredibly helpful in helping me understand what was going on with Jake so we could take the right steps forward in healing his hips & back.  With a little “blind faith” and being open to something that doesn’t necessarily make logical sense, you’ll be find some great answers from your pet that will go a long way in understanding them.  And a few comical surprises along the way as well!”  — T Putnam, Austin, TX

 Man AND Buffalo Have Improved Health

 “I have raised buffalo for the last 15 years. I was having a bad run of luck with newborn calves getting infected with blackleg disease, and dying within the first 2 or 3 months of their lives. It is a disease that isn’t supposed to affect buffalo, only beef cattle, and they vaccinate their new-born to prevent death. Not being able to vaccinate my calves, (can’t catch them, and the herd is very protective), I was at a loss as to what to do.

 A friend of mine recommended I contact Val, to see if, maybe, she could help.  So I did, and Val worked with me, and the new-born calf, who is now seventeen months old, and doing just fine.

 After protecting the calf, Val told me that I had some health problems that should be looked at, as well. After her success with the calf, I decided to give it a try, and it has been well worth it. I am in much better health now, than I was when I first contacted Val, and as I’ve already said, the calf if now a young heifer, and has promise of a long and healthy life… (me too, I hope).

 Val is the “real deal”, no hype, no hocus pocus. A true empath, healer and psychic, as proven by her results.” –Hecetu Yelo,  (“It is true”)

 J.D. Kotrla-Chipps, The Buffalo Man, Round Rock, Texas — Happier, and healthier now.


Getting Closure After Death of Much Loved Cat!

“Cosmo was as close to a soul mate as a cat could possibly be. We bonded deeply in the months after I rescued him as we worked together to get him off insulin. We were successful after 9 months. Cosmo was eight years old (best guess) when he died and I had him for almost 7 years. His death was sudden, violent and he was missing for 9 days before my neighbor told me he found his body. I never saw Cosmo after he died, as my neighbor had already buried him before telling me, but from the description, it sounded like a raccoon killed him. He wasn’t allowed outside at night, so this tragedy occurred when it was still daylight. The circumstances of his death were about as traumatic as they could possibly be, and not seeing him after he died made closure even more difficult.

The closure session I did with Val and Cosmo was such an important healing experience and it really helped me cope with his loss. One of the things I liked about it was saying goodbye to both the good and bad things. As much as I loved Cosmo, he did have some bad habits. It helped to deal with the complete picture, instead of whitewashing things and turning him into a kitty saint. The process of preparing for the session was important too, because I really thought about Cosmo and reviewed our time together. Even though I talked to Cosmo frequently when he was alive, and always told him how much I loved him, it was important to be able to say that one more time.

Even if I had been with Cosmo at the time of his death, I couldn’t have said all the things to him that I got to say during the closure session. Yes, it was painful, but it was healing and I am grateful for the whole experience.” –Janet D., Austin, TX, February 26, 2008



Dealing with Long Held Emotional Issues Helps Owner and Dog Both!

“I wanted to Thank You for the very beautiful and powerful session you conducted for my wife and her dog, Wendy.  You helped both of them clarify the course of the next few months, and in the process helped Nancy bring to the surface and deal with feelings she had been avoiding.  I know it was a truly healing experience for both of them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping my family.”  — Dr Peter McCarthy, Wellness Director, Life Energy Holistic Center, San Antonio, TX

Overcoming Bad Dog Behavior – We Are a Team Again!

“I was at my wits end, struggling with my dog’s out of control behavior. I’d tried everything I could think of, and since I am a dog trainer and compete with my dogs, that’s saying a LOT! But, nothing was working so I decided to give Val a call. I was so amazed! 

In one session, my dog’s behavior changed and I could tell we were working together as a team for the first time. It was like she understood me now where she hadn’t before. AND, I was so impressed, that I began working with Val for my own health problems. I am happy to say that I am so much better, life is easier, my relationship with myself and my husband has improved, my business is taking off…. I don’t know where I’d be without Val — don’t want to know!! She’s a remarkable resource and facilitator for me and my clients too. Thank You!” — — Patty M., Montana

 My Bone Marrow Cancer Gone!

“Yesterday was the one year anniversary of my Forever Dog, Satin’s passing. I have successfully moved my clinic this summer. AND my health has received a Miracle! NO more cancer of the bone marrow! My dogs, Dutchess, Zoey and Zena are all doing fine. I cannot tell you how much you have changed my life and my dogs, and how I have become alpha once again. Thank You!” — Dr Joey Laske, South Padre Island, Texas 

Horse No Longer Destroys Expensive Hay! Behavior Problem Resolved

“This is probably the one of the biggest success stories in regards to me that we’ve had so far. It has been, what? 10 days since we spoke with my horse, Valentine, about not urinating on her hay! I’d tried everything I could think of, but nothing was working. Since our session, she has not peed on it OR spread it around her stall willy nilly, not even once! It is a Miracle! This is amazing! And will save me untold thousands in ruined hay!” — Kay S., Austin, TX 

 Horse Fully Recovers From EPM

“I am very pleased to report that my horse, Zoie, who had a serious case of EPM has made a full recovery! Her vet is writing her up as a Miracle! She just had a follow up with her chiropracter and he was completely pleased at her progress. He felt she had turned a significant corner, and said he thought he was observing a different horse! I am now riding her again. 

Thank you for all the great work you have done with her (and Me!). It has made a huge difference for us. My hormones seem to have stabilized, and my weight has gone back to balance since our last session too. Yea!!” — Lynne S., Austin, TX 

 Schnauzer Conquers Anxiety

We started working with Val for our minature schnauzer, Heidi. Heidi had severe anxiety during thunderstorms and more importantly serious biting problems. From a young age she snapped at strangers and occasionally us, and we were very worried about her attacking children. It was getting to the point of questioning whether we still wanted to keep her. This was very distressing, because we are very attached to her.

Also, walking with Heidi had become a nightmare — extremely stressful for all of us until we dreaded taking her out! If she saw another person or dog, she’d go nuts and we were terrified she’d get in a bad fight. Now, our walks are uneventful — which means Good! After we worked with Val, we went out and encountered a daschund that day. Heidi ran about half way to her, then stopped and turned around to come back to us! So it went very well, just like we’d asked her to do. 

Through Val communicating with Heidi and helping us communicate better with her, things have vastly improved. We have all been able to relax more. And, Heidi’s back and neck problems have also greatly improved. The best part is beginning to be able to love and accept her as an important part of our family again.” — Steven and Bridgett H., LaGrange, Texas 

 Giving Cats a Voice Aids in Healing

“Literally after a thirty minute conversation with you, my entire life changed. In giving my cats a voice during their physical and emotional challenges, you shed a powerful light on my own situation. You gave me the precise information I needed to experience a dramatic shift in consciousness that has promoted healing on all levels for me and my cats. I cannot believe how much you have impacted my life in just two brief sessions!” –Stacie W., San Antonio, TX 

 Therapy Horses Get Their Confidence Back

“Val Heart changed the lives of our Therapy Horses. They now act so much more congruently and with a confidence they lacked until reassured that their creativity would be appreciated.” — Dr Frederick Peace, Peacehawk Ranch, Therapeutic Riding Centers, www.peacehawkranch.org 

 Cat and Owner Can Finally Live Together in Harmony Again!

” didn’t think anything could help and I was at the end of my rope, ready to give my cat away. I just couldn’t take it anymore.

In just one session, Val changed my relationship with my cat from one of long standing frustration, constant upset, love-hate — to one of effortless joy! Val listened to my grief and frustration with my life and my pet. She spoke loving truth, taught me new behaviors and skills, practiced them with me, and what happened next was utterly miraculous! Everything we practiced came to pass. My sleepless nights are over! I now have a cat who loves and adores me, and whom I love and adore. 

We are working together now, enjoying ourselves. I can’t wait to experience what Val will do with my life in human relationships. She really can hear the heart and soul of relationships. She hears the deep message of the heart and responds to it with love and peace, understanding and compassion, and for me has transformed my pain and frustration to joy and loveliness. Miracles really can happen!” — Janice D., San Antonio, Texas 

 Helping Cat With Emotional Upset Over Owner’s Travels

“When I met Val, we were both at a New York Publicity Summit and had signed up to be roommates. We both knew we weren’t meeting by chance alone. I loved that her last name was Heart and soon found out she was all that. Although we became friends, we also used each others services. One of my beloved cats was troubled and having a hard time with my leaving when I went on trips. Val did a session for him with me over the phone and I literally saw him transform during the session while we were on the phone together. It was positively uncanny how she helped him release a pocket of worry. I witnessed something definitely transpiring. In a way I’d never seen him act before, it was like he got rid of an emotional hairball then he acted as silly and loving as a young kitten without a care in the world. It was astounding to see this happen at the exact time she was doing her work. I’ve known a lot of psychics and readers and healers in my time and Val is the real deal. He became so much more carefree after that. She has a gift as big as her “Heart.” — Kathi McKnight, Master Graphologist,www.TheHandwritingexpert.com 

 Dog Easily Resolves Nighttime “Potty” Problem

“Here is a little success story of my own. Frankie, my young Springer Spaniel occassionally needs to go potty in the night. I can’t hear him scratch at the door when I am sleeping. I told him that he could bark to wake me up. He replied that he didn’t want to wake up Daddy. So I told him to lick my face until I wake up and I will let him out. So that’s what he does! No more accidents! — Inez S.

You act as a sounding board.  You offer encouragement.  You help me address my fears.  You help me deal with my issues and those of my cat family.  When I get overwhelmed, depressed, discouraged, you help me see the truth of the situation.  You listen.  You give me techniques to deal with things.  You’ve kept me going and kept me “sane” through lots of changes and ups and downs.  You’re there for me when I have crises.  You’ve been a great friend.  So many, many thanks for all of that!”  – Cindy J. Flushing, MI 

 Cats Are Natural Healers

“After reading your article on how cats are natural healers I was thinking back when I was sick or hurt and how a cat would sometimes be around. I can’t actually remember how the cat positioned itself and such but still a good message.

Val is something special. Her perspectives and insight seem so distant from our everyday lives. It kind of reminds me of my youth when I was so more open to such things rather than working my tail off.” – Brian S, San Antonio, TX 

 Support in Times of Transition

Val, I am so grateful to you for your insight on my dog’s condition. I thought she was dying and had been told to put her down, but just couldn’t bear the thought. I was in agony about making this decision. You gave me such emotional peace of mind about it, and your advice made such an impact that it has completely turned my attitude around. I cannot overstate this. You gave me back my power, and the emotional freedom to enjoy my life, even with all the stresses of no job, unemployment denied, appeals in process, and my Lily fading away. What a powerful gift! Thank You! – Joyce L., Austin, TX

 Punkin the Cat’s Amazing Journey and Life Changing Transition

 angelaadkinspunkinkitty810Words cannot express how eternally grateful we are for your assistance during the transition of our 16 year old cat, Punkin. My only regret is that I did not contact you sooner!

Before our session I was struggling with many unanswered questions and concerns about his well being. I felt helpless as I watched him decline so quickly. He had become increasingly vocal in the recent months and I could sense that there was something important that he was trying to tell us that I just could not gain clarity on. At times he also seemed confused and lost as if he could not see or sense his environment.

The insight that I gained from our session and the synchronicity that followed was life changing for me.

He also had Kitty Alzheimers or dementia, and you gave us very useful advice on how to help him with that. His entire body relaxed. He perked up and was very lovey. He didn’t cry all night.

One of my main concerns is that I did not want him to suffer. You told me in the session that he would give me a sign when he was getting ready to go. He amazed me by managing to climb into our hammock all by himself, I have no idea how he did that, but as I cuddled him, it felt like this was his sign.

In the morning we went to the Vet with just a little fear….(mostly mine) . He went into his carrier with very little resistance and he talked to me the entire time. I kept reminding him of your conversation with him and he calmed.

Our Vet was amazing. She did an exam and confirmed that it looked like kidney/liver failure. She talked us through the process of euthanasia just as you had and put my mind at ease.

He drifted off to sleep. We talked with him, stroked him and when he took his 2 last breaths she leaned down and whispered to him “There’s the Rainbow Bridge, be free!”. It was so peaceful. I felt his spirit float out like a feather on the wind.

I am releasing a ton of emotion today. Mostly gratitude and joy for a life well lived. I thank you with every cell in by being for the work you do. Your gift enabled us to have a weekend of communication, closure and peace instead of uncertainty, guilt and fear.

Your intuitive insights were real, clear and practical. They all made perfect sense! You not only confirmed my gut feelings but added very powerful and common sense approaches that helped my formulate a plan of care for what turned out to be our final days together.

I feel like now I have more peace and closure about many unanswered questions. Thank you Val, from the bottom of my heart!

Angela Adkins CBP, CBI, MindScape Instructor 

Certified BodyTalk Instructor

 Animal Communication and Senior Dog Care Courses Help JoJo Through Difficult Time


“Dear Val, I want to say thank you because what you have taught and shared have helped enormously.

I was in your recent animal communication class for senior dogs. Although I did not join the discussions, I have listened to the recordings. I have also gone through your beginning animal communication home study course.

I just want to tell you that your course and the senior dog class have helped me and in turn my dear girl, Jojo, a great deal in our most difficult time.

Jojo has been suffering from heart problems and liver as well as kidney problems for a few years but was managed satisfactorily until early September when suddenly things took the downward course quickly. With the help of the vet and energy healing, she still had some good days in the last month of her life.

With what I have learnt from you and others in the class, I trust I have done what Jojo has wanted to do, eg taking her to the Peak (we are in Hong Kong) for a walk in her stroller and taking her home on the day before the last day of her life on earth and having my mum holding her as much as possible (she said my mum is her grandma:-)). So I trust we have no regret and Jojo’s wishes fulfilled.

Thank you. Please keep up with your good work. I really think more people should know and believe in animal communication so please keep up with what you are doing, and please try to spread your knowledge to other parts of the world as much as possible.” – Kelly W., Hong Kong

 Aggressive Attack Cat Now Polite & Well Mannered!

“I want to let you know the update on my cat, Kitty. You may remember our session a few months ago. The subject was Kitty’s aggressive and inappropriate behavior.

Well, since this session, Kitty has changed quite a bit. Now she always comes and politely asks for permit to jump on my lap and when I tell her, I’m not ready yet, but I will let her know when it’s ok, she will lay down and wait.

Not once has she made a surprise attack spilling my tea or whatever I was eating or drinking. As soon as I call her and tell her it’s ok now to come, she runs towards me, jumps on my lap and straight onto my chest wrapping her paws around my neck and pushing her head under my chin. When she had enough attention, she still starts her “war howl”, but she stopped biting and scratching. She simply howls and jumps down.

It makes really a big difference, if you can eat and drink in peace and quiet without constantly being on the watch, if this little monster plans one of her “jump-and-hit” attacks.” — Klaudia S., Cyprus