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Dangerous Haflinger Horse Now a Joy To Be Around

I called Val when I was feeling I should give up on my scared, aggressive, rescued Haflinger horse, Gabe. After two years, he still nipped and bullied people and his four herd members.

Even though he was great to ride, he was a huge management problem, and soon I couldn’t even get him to stand still to be mounted. The whole “family” was fed up with him. I’d tried different trainers and would make great progress back home, then lose ground.

After only one phone session with Val, I could not believe his change! The very next morning!

No crowding me, soft eyes. I could lunge him without a halter or rope, and he would stand to let me get on bareback! All of the horses stared at me as if to say, what is going on?

At Val’s suggestion, we are addressing the whole herd differently, they are all four responding, and talking to us about it! Peace seems to reign.

I continue to work with Gabe on his ground manners. I have great hopes for us, and look forward to every day.

My thinking has changed in a fundamental way about my relationships with my horses and the world. And about the possibilities for real communication with animals, something I’ve worked on all my life. And I almost didn’t do this for myself! If you are thinking of calling Val, I would not hesitate to say Do It!

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