Something Buried Within Me Was Causing My Heart To Fail Val’s Quantum Leap Sessions Helped Me Heal My Heart & My Life

Val’s Quantum Leap sessions are amazing.  In addition to animal communication and BodyTalk healing sessions, I decided to go for Val’s Quantum Leap sessions.  I realized there was something buried within me that was causing my heart to fail (I’ve had 10 heart surgeries in the last 15 years), was making my relationships with my husband and son problematic, and was keeping me stuck in a job I’d come to hate.  I wanted her help releasing old fears and energy that I knew was trapped inside but could not locate or clear with any of the other work I’d done.

She helped me overcome the death of my mother, trauma from a major motor vehicle accident, subsequent surgeries and gave me the courage to leave a job where I was unhappy and unsatisfied.

She taught me the beauty of laughter and allowed me to believe in myself once again.  And, her long distance body talk sessions can’t be beat! While Val worked to help me clear my issues she opened new doors for my family and helped heal my animals who were also feeling my stress.

Her work is amazing and I am so thankful that she came into my life.  Eileen, San Antonio, TX


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