Solving Cat Health Issues

Solving Health Problems For Cats


You think your cat is doing ok, but are they?

One of Val’s greatest gifts lies in her ability to communicate effectively with animals to get to the true root cause of the health problems at hand.

Once you know what the real problem is and where it’s coming from, sick cats can benefit from Val’s advanced healing methods.

This can save you tons of aggravation, stress, time, energy and money over your cat’s health issues.

Listen as Val explains why vets are her strongest referral source!


Val has been working with animals since 1993 and has worked with literally thousands of animals. In her extensive work with animals it has become very apparent to her that a cat’s sickness or health issues are typically a combination of these four things:

1. An emotional issue

2. A true health issue

3. A management issue, such as inappropriate training, diet, exercise, etc.

4. An emotional or health issue that is going on with YOU that your animal is reacting to negatively.

Having a sick cat is something that needs immediate attention.  There can be several contributing factors to their health issues, but not knowing if the current illness is life threatening or not is something that needs to be addressed right away.  Being able to communicate with your cat when you see signs or symptoms of illness can save you much heartache, money, stress and/or time.  Your cat may be experiencing very serious health issues that need immediate attention and treatment, such as:

[box background=”#DBEEF4″] Cat-catrubbingagainsthand Giving Cats a Voice Aids in Healing

“Literally after a thirty minute conversation with you, my entire life changed. In giving my cats a voice during their physical and emotional challenges, you shed a powerful light on my own situation. You gave me the precise information I needed to experience a dramatic shift in consciousness that has promoted healing on all levels for me and my cats. I cannot believe how much you have impacted my life in just two brief sessions!” –Stacie W., San Antonio, TX
[/box] Val begins her work by first talking to the animal in question. Communicating with them through a health issue will make a huge difference in their ability to feel heard, acknowledged, and respected. Giving them a voice makes all the difference in the world in deepening your relationships with your animals and resolving problems.

Val works with you and the animal to get questions answered, learn what is actually needed to move things forward, discover where the real issues are coming from and determine what the unknown factors are, which is critical to resolving the issue at hand.

Val’s second goal is to help you personally rebalance, regain your clarity, peace and sanity, and be as healthy and resilient as possible. Val works in a very experiential way which makes you a very important part of the process.

Please understand that Val is very different from other animal communicators. She specializes in problem resolution, which many animal communicators do not. She is also well versed in helping people and dogs with energetic healing, counseling, negotiating or identifying what other modalities are needed for alternative medicine or care.

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