Your Personal Pet Socks With Their Picture on Them?

Do you know about this?  We recently came across a company called that takes any picture of your personal pet (or loved one) and puts them on a unique one of a kind socks. How cool is that?!

My assistant thought it was a fun idea and so she ordered a pair with her beloved Poodle, Kenya’s picture on a pair.

This is Kenya

Pet Socks

           And these are our Kenya socks!

Pet socks


We love these personal pet socks!

We know you’re probably wondering how you can get your own pair! And we even have a 20% off coupon for you!

Want a pair of socks of your own with your little darlings on it?  Get come with your grandkids, mom and dad, BFF friends, spirit animals and pets of all kinds. You’ll be the envy of the family and neighborhood!  Wear them to out or to work and smile every time you see them.  You’ll love them too.

Go here to get them now! 

Use this code to get 20% off: valheart20

Show us your socks!!  Post a comment below with your pictures.
Photo by Leah Kelley from Pexels
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