Is it possible to melt fat out of your fat cells…? [personal story about my struggle with weight]

This is SO cool! I’m excited to share it with you, because it intrigues me so much.

My weight has yo-yoed up and down ever since I was pregnant when I was 25 years old. At 5’3”, I weighed as much as 165 pounds at one point. WAY too much weight for me, I felt terrible. I started dropping weight with JJ Virgin’s Elimination program but then plateaued and it started creeping back up. Argh!

Then I discovered the Keto diet and it worked really well for awhile… then I plateaued again and weight started creeping back up. Again… ARGH!!

Then I started exploring supplements and finally! I’m getting results and dropping weight has been almost effortless

Recently I discovered that there’s a nutrient – called a miracle nutrient — that FORCES any fat cell, to release fat. And it also FORCES muscles to use that fat for fat-burning fuel. WOW!!




Researchers at Harvard were even able to WATCH fat come out of fat cells when they tested it in a petri dish. Yet, it is completely NATURAL, NON-TOXIC has NO SIDE EFFECTS.

In fact, it helps REDUCE insulin resistance and prevents diabetes, reduce arterial plaque, Improve digestion, reduce wrinkles and acn, Improve eye health, and lower bad cholesterol.

Now get this…It is has only been recently discovered. But only a few have been able to manufacture it at a cost you can afford. Harvard is even trying to get a patent on it. That’s how powerful it is.

Now my friend, Derek, found an ingenious way to get this nutrient to you. And and the way he does it makes it easy and effortless. But as you now know, he can’t claim it cures diseases.

What you CAN do is learn how it works, where to find it, and hear people’s miraculous stories from using it. Check it out here…

So after checking it out, I’ve decided to try this supplement and see what happens. Usually I try things like this on myself or with close friends and only AFTER I’ve experienced it myself so I feel confident in sharing it with you…


I’m feeling so jazzed about this that I decided to share it with you now. Want to experiment with me? I’ll report back how my progress goes, and you tell me what happens for you too!

If you have any interest in reducing stubborn fat that doesn’t respond to anything, and want to prevent them from coming back, you MUST hear the whole story. It can save your life.

Note: It’s not been tested for animals… yet. So don’t give it to overweight pets, okay?

Much love to you and your furry, hairy, feathered and scaly friends.


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This is nothing short of a miracle! {Ever feel ill, fatigued, like you might be coming down with a disease? Check this out!}

Note: Occasionally I will mention a product other than mine where I might receive some compensation for taking the time and trouble to tell you about it. But please know that I always do research the product or company first and will only recommend it if I think it is truly worthwhile. I am taking this product personally, and I’d love to hear how it goes for you too. Post your progress here!


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