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“Luck Be A Lady” TV Series to Highlight Women in Horse Racing

Nashville, TN – Leave it to former television producer and President of the Women’s Horse Industry Network, Catherine Masters, to come up with an idea to bring new customers into the sport of horse racing.

Masters who is an avid horse racing fan has run and operated the Women’s Horse Industry Network for several years. “Along the way I have found some of the most incredibly talented and passionate people in the world. The women who are involved in the horse industry are an exciting bunch and their lives should be showcased in a mass media way, We are hoping that our “Luck Be A Lady” television series will do that and a whole lot more,” she states.

It’s no secret that the horse racing industry is not doing as well as it should. Prize money is shrinking at some tracks and at some track race cards are getting harder and harder to fill. And, while viewership of the Kentucky Derby and Breeder’s Cup races show the public’s interest, the sport is still searching for ways to bring new people into the horse industry.

Masters, a former sports marketing consultant to some of the top sports companies in the world, thinks she knows why. “It’s all about visibility. The more people see something the more they become fans,” she adds. To prove her point she looks at the tennis industry where she traveled the world for Head racquets. “Tennis always had a core of diehard fans. But, like horse racing, it was considered a sport only for the rich and wealthy. And, like horse racing, only a few top finals were shown on television. But, then came along the Virginia Slims tour, with its catchy slogan, “You’ve Come A Long Way Baby” and commercials, massive pr campaigns and behind the scenes insights into the players. The rest is history.

“If horse racing and the horse industry in general is going to bring in new customers, there simply has to be more positive visibility in every area. People need to get to know the women who are out there at the tracks or on their farms, dreaming of winning the Kentucky Derby. Horse racing is not just about gambling. It’s about getting a thrill of watching your horse do it’s very best,” Masters states.

The “Luck Be A Lady” television series is an eight part series which will be produced by a well known Los Angeles production company. It will also be hosted by a well known horsewoman/celebrity. “We have two big pieces to the puzzle in place with both our production company and our host and we know they will go a long way in making this series wildly successful,” she adds.

Pre-production is now underway and Masters thinks they will have the majority of the pieces to the puzzle together within the next 30-60 days. She is also out raising funds to produce the series and starting to pitch it to the networks. She hopes that the series is so well received that she can expand its content to include other areas of the horse industry in future programs.

For additional information, please visit  WHIN’s website or contact Catherine at 615-730-7833.

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