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Love Yourself Twice as Much

By Scott and Shannon Peck

Most of us are in a routine of beating ourselves down, so the idea of loving yourself twice as much comes as a real shift. Why, you might ask, do you deserve that much love?

First of all, you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t a loving person. Since you’re attracted to love, we know that you carry a lot of love in your heart. The love you outpour to others deserves to also come home to yourself. You deserve to be richly loved!

Here’s a short video by Shannon:

Since the goal to love yourself twice as much is a choice, let’s consider for a moment, how you could give yourself this quantum self-nurturing in some easy ways. Pick a few from the list below and offer yourself a generous amount of love each day:

  • Receive love from others as generously as they give it to you. In other words, don’t reject or shy away from their gifts. Don’t try to stop their love. Let it in.
  • Learn to set boundaries. Can you say, No, and make it stick?
  • Give yourself permission to lovingly speak up in areas you may need to – where you normally stay mute.
  • Give yourself a break from chores and take time just for you! No kidding. Just sit by yourself somewhere private and just contemplate. Listen to love.
  • Take a look at your inner thoughts, the things you say to yourself about everything that happens to you. What percent of your thoughts are negative? Lift yourself higher by remembering what a wonderful person you are and how hard you try to be good. Give yourself the gift of inner love talk.
  • Be more visible with those who don’t judge you.
  • See yourself as a masterpiece unfolding. Do you dare? Why not! Michelangelo carved his masterpieces by removing hard marble to reveal his vision. You can too.
  • Forgive yourself for every mistake you ever made, no matter how bad it was.

Her’s a short video by Scott:

We hope you’ll begin a new habit of loving yourself twice as much. This is the love you deserve!

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Scott & Shannon Peck are love & relationship experts who are passionate about helping you find your soulmate & lasting love.

The Pecks are Love Master teachers, speakers, & co-authors of many books on love and healing, including their best-seller,       The Love You Deserve as well as “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation” & “Liberating Your Magnificence.” Shannon is also the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” & the “Love Heals Study Guide.”

The Pecks are co-founders of The Love Center, a non-profit educational organization where they have developed & taught many ground-breaking programs to create a world with more love.

The Pecks live in San Diego, California.

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