Is your dog not behaving? Here are 6 warning signs!

Is your pet not behaving as he/she should? Bad behavior by your most loved pet(s) may be an indication of mental issues, such as depression or grieving. Knowing whether an issue with your pet(s) is mental or physical can save unwanted and unneeded medical treatments. Learn the six warning signs of depression and/or mental issues. Without giving your pet a voice to say what’s on their mind, we can just assume why they are acting the way they are. After all, who knows best? Or if they are in pain or discomfort? Or what works or doesn’t work for them? Or if something is confusing or frightening, and why? Here are 6 warning signs of depression or other mental issues in dogs, that benefit from the services of an expert animal communicator, along with the holistic healing therapies:

  1. Urinating or defecating in their home or doghouse is a big hint that something isn’t right in their life. A dog’s natural intuition lets them know not to mess in their home, and when they do, that lets us know there is something severely wrong. It could be originating from an undiagnosed physical issue, however it is usually an emotional or mental response to their owner’s pain and nervousness, causing this unpredictable action.
  2. Hostility to others shows that they are not feeling emotionally balanced in mind, body or spirit, or they could be abused or misinterpreted. This is usually a reaction to their owner’s emotional, mental or physical pain which they then take and transmit externally into their environment in ways that are suitable to them, from their perspective. In order to resolve this issue, both the owner and the pet need to balance their feelings.
  3. Incurable skin conditions and hot spots, are indications of an underlying problem that must be tended to and fixed at the root or origin of the problem. These issues usually develop from a bad reaction to incorrect eating habits or treats, allergies, or a development of acquired toxicity that overwhelms their bodies. The digestive tract can get screwed up due to antibiotic treatments, parasites, lack of proper supplementation, or oftentimes it might be caused by the side effects of vaccinations. It can also be a very clear sign that their owner is encountering a lot of anxiety and stress in their life, which then carries over vigorously onto their pet.
  4. Laziness or lack of interest in activity, play and exercises is a definite sign that something is very wrong. No matter the pet’s age, they should always be intrigued by their environment and more than happy to engage with others. Pay special attention if they aren’t. The contributing factors can include them dealing with grief or loss (of a companion, human or otherwise, or even a loved toy or object), sadness, or undiagnosed physical discomfort. Other key indicators can be spotted by communicating with them directly.
  5. Frightened or jumpy behavior shows they have lost their confidence. Permitting our pets to keep on living in fear is an injustice to them. They are simply asking for help in getting back their confidence and their feeling of place and reason. Incorrect management or training efforts that are seriously misunderstood, or not the right approach to them, must be looked over and talked about, to come up with a proper training method that works for them. Additionally, there can be underlying physical distress that adds to them feeling out of whack. Also, we need to look to their owners to see what concerns or underlying anxieties they are carrying with them, that is adding to the existing issues.
  6. Physical wellbeing or pain issues can sometimes have underlying emotional, mental or spiritual factors that may really be originating from their owners issues. In the event that this is the case, then you will probably take them to the vet where they will be misdiagnosed or worse, and you’ll spend a great deal of cash in vet bills. What ends up happening is that because they were misdiagnosed, you are actually worse off than if you hadn’t gone because the real issue was missed. The result is that now your pet has more stress to deal with.

Have you considered the possibility that what’s happening with you is creating the distress in your pet? Without communicating with your pet first, you’ll take them to the vet and possibly get lucky and it will clear up anyway. Yet reality may be that it was never about your pet, it was an issue with you that they were not able to express in a manner you could understand. Bottom line is that if your pet is not properly adjusted and comfortable in their own body, mind and spirit, or are not healing rapidly and easily as their body is intended to do, then they may be taking on their owner’s own energetic imbalances.

To get the best long term result, we sometimes need to dig deeper to find the origin of the problem. On the off chance that we are imbalanced, then they will be as well because we are intricately joined in body, mind and spirit with our pets.

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