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Intuition and Prosperity Series (Part 2)

We have survived hundreds of thousands of years by using our instincts, but in our modern society, we have stopped using them and instead, allow others to program us like sheep to follow the advice of others. We have been easily misled by deceptive connivers in the guise of good people who will take care of us for a price. We can no longer take other people’s word for truth and make a decision without some due diligence listening to our inner wisdom about the situation.

Intuition is called many things: gut feeling, a hunch, sixth sense, instinct, and strong feeling. It speaks to you through insights, revelations, and urges. Intuition, or listening to that inner part of yourself, is clearly one of the most important areas to develop in your life if you are interested in success, prosperity, and well being. Intuition goes beyond that which is known, and into the unknown. Intuition can save your life, help you make financial decisions, be a better entrepreneur or parent, and capitalize on opportunities or save you from bad investments. It’s a natural human function and is your closest advisor when you will take the time to develop and use it.

Most of your intelligent knowledge is programmed by society and through book learning. With life-changing at lightning speed, much of the knowledge we operate from is outdated and obsolete. Logic and analysis can lead you only halfway to a good decision, and yet most people are taught to use only logic and analysis. They are not taught to pay attention to their feelings and intuition. Clearly, as we can see from many people’s results, we need to update our decision-making tools.

It is interesting that in our western culture, we seem to understand almost all of our experiences through the logical, linear, analytical thinking process. We use words to communicate this kind of thinking. Because words are our way of understanding our world, we’ve almost forgotten we have an intuitive and creative part of ourselves. We’re not trained to say I feel but rather, I think. If we deny and cut off our intuition, then we get trapped by concepts learned through our programmed minds. Yesterday’s learned beliefs cannot solve today’s challenges or capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.

We’ve all been conditioned by society since birth, that if you cannot relate to something with your five senses, that is see, touch, taste, hear, or feel it, then it must not exist. Even our educational system only values analytical processes of thinking. Very little attention or support is given to those students with creative or artistic talents in our public school system. So it’s no surprise that with all the past programming, we’re afraid to trust those thoughts or feelings that sometimes just come to us. It’s only by learning to trust that inner knowledge that you can really reach your true potential in life. Our lifestyle has accelerated and many times there will not be time to do all the fact-finding to make a logical decision. We must learn to seize the moment and listen to our inner wisdom.

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