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Intuition and Prosperity (Part 1)

I just spent four days on a short sabbatical from work and taking care of others. I spent my time resting, meditating, reading spiritual books, and journaling. I needed a break from outside influences to recharge and re-center myself. I didn’t go anywhere; I just cut off the TV, cell phone, and computer so I could listen to my inner wisdom, what we call intuition. I had found myself caught up in the drama of life and to be honest, I needed to take this time to rest, rethink my priorities, and listen to my inner voice. When I listen to my inner voice, it IS ALWAYS RIGHT!

For the next few weeks our focus will be on developing and using our inner wisdom. I hope you will enjoy the ride and maybe even recommend it to others you know and love who have stopped listening to their intuition. Let’s face it: Intuition only thrives when you listen to it.

The better we use our intuition, the more our choices in business and life will reward us. Some of the most intelligent people in history have relied on their inner knowledge to achieve great success, such as Albert Einstein, who said:The mind can only proceed so far upon what it knows, and can prove. There comes a point where the mind takes a leap — call it intuition or what you will — and comes out on a higher plane of knowledge.

If you want to reduce your stress and be more successful, you must make efforts to listen to the inner voice. Some call it your heart, Sixth sense, Instinct, or gut feelings. You have natural abilities that are built into your system to know danger and you can also use these abilities to make better choices and know when to trust someone and when not to trust.

Intuition is a part of you that you were born with but up until now, have not been encouraged or rewarded for using. Times are changing and you will need the ability of Intuition to thrive! I personally call the use of Intuition THE NEW COMMON SENSE. My goal in this Intuition Series is to remind you of the importance of paying attention to your intuitive abilities when making decisions about your business or personal life. I want to remind you to rely on that internal part of yourself, that voice inside that tells you when things feel right or wrong.

Life has accelerated to the point where we just don’t have TIME for the way we used to communicate and do business. We have to step up to the plate now and adapt to the New Economy we are living in, and we have to do it FAST.

We are now living in an unpredictable world because of the hidden layers in the illusions of reality. People have lost their ability to discern who is telling the truth or not. We are living in an era of change. If you study history, which I do, you will see we are in a time right now that has a lot in common with the 1970’s. There is a recession, and there’s scandal after scandal. The public is being constantly lied to and being shown things by the negative news media that makes them feel like they are completely out of control. As a society, we have been conned, lied to, manipulated, and sold concepts that simply are not true. Some have even lost their savings and way of life. It is clear that the old ways of simply trusting people who may be morally bankrupt and without ethics with our lives and money is not working. The person you should be trusting is YOU and YOUR inner wisdom before anyone or anything else.

Many people are waking up to the fact that there is a great limitation in using logic, rationality, and scientific methods as the sole means of guiding their lives. Not to mention we’ve been spoon fed bad advice by money advisors, banks, and Corporate and government leaders! People are disappointed with the betrayal of the people they trusted who have let them down, killed their dreams, and jeopardized their futures.

Sadly, integrity and ethics have not been valued. Greed has taken over many people in our reality and honest people are paying the price. We must now stop being victims to people who have no integrity and pay attention to the inner part of ourselves that knows truth when we hear or see it. We have to start paying attention to how we feel we get information to discern if it is true and good for us. We must stop allowing others to take advantage of us by misinformation that serves their agenda and not our highest and best good. Intuition is one of the best tools you can use right now to discern truth and take back your power to make decisions that serve your needs.

Right now, it is urgent for you to be willing to become skilled in new ways of thinking in order to navigate the shifting currents of reality. One of the ways we can do that is to get back to our real internal power and use our instincts to know right from wrong, good from bad, and truth from lies.

By Lee Milteer, http://www.milteer.com

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