Interview with Teresa Ann Winton on the Real Dr Doolittle Show

Raised in Kentucky and taken from her parents at age eight, Teresa Ann Winton was placed in foster care for the duration of her childhood until she went to Florida College. She studied early childhood education, child psychology, and sociology. In addition to child and social psychology, Teresa also studied the healing arts of homeopathy, vitamin, and herbal supplementation.

Author Teresa Ann Winton chronicles her search for wholeness and reconciliation in her book, Pieces of the Pearl: Memoirs of a Foster Child’s Triumphant Transformation. Her second book,Tears in the Lilies is a biographical work about pet loss; the joys, sorrows, and the spiritual discoveries she personally experienced with her animals.

Teresa not only enjoys writing books and poetry, but she also enjoys penning song lyrics. Hues of Hope Paint a Pretty Sky, is a ballad about her broken childhood. Under the Popcorn Tree was inspired by her writing muse, Squeakles, a beloved guinea pig that endeared herself to the author’s heart. Teresa’s third song, Tear Shaped Heart, is currently in production with Galen Breen.

“When the human heart is open to the love of an animal, the gentle paw will be placed in the hand of those who were meant to take hold of it. – Teresa Ann Winston”

You will learn:

* Strategies for how to cope with pet loss

* Most common misconceptions of pet loss and whether it is the same as human loss

* Tips to help soften pet loss

* What you need to know about pet adoption and fostering

* Spiritual discoveries and animals

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