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Pet Lovers: Are you tired and frustrated because your furr kid is sick or behaving badly? Is your relationship suffering and you don’t know how to fix things between you?

Then let me show you how to know what your pet truly wants and really needs to be happy, healthy and safe.

Are you struggling with your animals?

Does your dog, cat or horse exhibit any of these symptoms? If so, there is something very wrong in their world,
whether it’s mental, emotional, physical or a complicated combination of other problems.

A happy, healthy animal is well balanced in body, mind and spirit; is calm, interested and curious about their surroundings; is an easy keeper; is safe, friendly and easy to be around.

If your furr kid doesn’t fit in this description, then there is work to do.
horse whisperer

After working with thousands of animals the world over,
I have become known as The Animal Problem Solving Specialist.

Utilizing over 40 years of experience, I created my unique proprietary
H.E.A.R.T. System™ for solving problems with animals, and
I want to help you withyour pets, and teach
you how too.

professional animal communicator


My name is Val Heart. I’m a problem solving specialist and am often called the Animal Communicator to the Stars. An animal communication expert, animal whisperer, empathic animal behaviorist, internationally recognized pet psychic and master healer for you AND your animals. I can bring you relief by bridging the gap between you and your animals.

If you are:

* Worried about your animal’s behavior or performance

Scared because your animal is sick or suffering from a mystery illness or lameness problem

* Losing money and sleep because your animal is damaging property or behaving badly

* Facing a difficult decision whether to put down, sell or give away your animal

* Feeling like your dream of animal ownership has become a nightmare

Then you owe it to yourself and your animal to find out how to solve these problems now.

Claim my 3 Free Gifts and Turn ALL This Around Now.


I can GUARANTEE that, even though everyone wishes they knew what their animal is thinking, they don’t actually know how… even though it plays a crucial role in your success (or failure). Then, through no fault of their own, things go wrong with their furrkids, and it’s heartbreaking, because what was missing was The Conversation, a meeting of the minds and hearts. I know because I’ve seen it happen over and over and over again.

When you get my QuickStart to AnimalTalk home study course, you’ll learn 3 Simple Steps to communicating with animals!

As someone who has been around the animal communication, problem solving and healing rodeo a time or two, I’ve seen pretty much everything there is to see. Let me help you have the breakthrough you need as quickly as possible, without wasting more of your time, energy… or your animal’s life, health and well-being.

Imagine resolving problems in minutes, not years, saving you a lot of expensive guesswork,
trial and error, wasted money, energy and time. I guarantee these Free Gifts are
well worth your investment in time and energy.

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Grand Prix Dream Horse’s Mystery Lameness and Bad Attitude Turned Around In ONE Session!

horse communicator“I finally got my dream horse – an 11 year old Grand Prix dressage Andalusian stallion – and from day 1 I had problems! He arrived from across the country stressed and upset at his new environment and at leaving his prior trainers’. Then, he foundered as a result of gelding surgery a couple of weeks later and nothing we tried helped him heal.

Desperate to help my horse I turned to Val for the first time. I could not believe what happened in just one session! She was able to quickly and confidently get the information we needed to help treat him properly. Plus, we tapped into what he needed from me as his new partner.

Feeling hope for the first time I immediately practiced what Val taught me and within ONE session with him that same day we were on the road to recovery and to a new partnership. Since then, Val’s sessions have helped me learn how to ride passage, piaffe and to continue to create an amazing partnership with this extraordinary horse.

Val’s work has changed my life with this horse — and with ALL of my horses — forever! I continue to get regular sessions with her, as I’m eager to understand what my horses are trying to tell me. Thank you Val for saving my horse and for saving my relationship with him… my horses thank you, too!” — Kendall SummerHawk, www.KendallSummerHawk.com

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More Enlightening and Productive than Many Trips to the Vet

dog communicatorSpending time talking to Val about my dog, Stella, turned out to be very enlightening, fun and more productive than the many trips to the vet have ever been.

I contacted Val because I was concerned about Stella’s chronic urinary tract infections and allergies and I needed to know if there was anything Stella wanted me to know about her health or general well being. Val provided me with so much insight on my dog, that I could not possibly list it all here.

For instance, she pin pointed specific problems with her food, and since switching her diet, we have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of yeast on her skin and a lot less scratching.

She’s also much happier and more vibrant, and her fur even looks cleaner. Val also sensed some back pain in Stella and advised she have a chiropractic alignment. With that, we no longer need the pain medication that the vet had prescribed for what they assumed was “spinal arthritis.”

In addition to all the health advice that was SO helpful, it was fun to hear what Val had to say about Stella’s emotional well being. She described Stella’s personality perfectly and when I asked if my kids bother her to much, it was fun to hear what Stella had to say: “it’s ok. I know they love me.”

I am certain that I will work with Val again in the future, and I would recommend her to anyone who has questions about their animals!
— JoAnn Finger, North Bergen, NJ, USA
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Mystery Lameness Solved & New Problem Show Jumper Turned Around!

Learn Animal CommunicationYour work with my show mule Slim has been fantastic. After a cross-country move I could tell she just wasn’t happy. She went lame and wasn’t getting better. I gave you a try because nothing else was helping.

You were amazing and now she is so much happier, back to her normal self, AND, she isn’t lame anymore! I look forward to our talks like I would a dinner party or special holiday!

You also helped me find my new show horse for hunters. Since I am learning jumping – I needed a very good-minded horse. We “visited” with several horses before finding Cory. She was a surprise and has been a treasured gift.

She wasn’t a sweet horse or suitable for beginners but your conversations with her made it a lot easier to give her a try. She keeps surprising everyone with her willingness to put up with my amateur mistakes and her depth of character – she tries her best and always gives 100 %.

People who see her now assume she was misunderstood, or that she likes us better, but in my heart I know this turnaround is due to you. She is such a snuggler now and loves attention. And we’re competing together, and doing really well!”
– Lina W., Pleasanton, TX
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Animal Communication Helped Diagnose This Cat’s Immune System Disorder

cat whisperer I set up a session with Val when my cat Abraham (Abie) deteriorated suddenly from what I assumed was the arthritis he had been diagnosed with a year earlier.

Almost overnight he was barely able to move and when he did he growled from pain. He would eat only when I brought his dishes of food and water to his mouth. (Fortunately, he somehow made it to his litter box.) In addition, he quickly developed the symptoms of a cold. I could tell he was in abject misery and I was concerned that he would be permanently incapacitated.

Val said she felt Abie was having a reaction to the routine vaccinations that he had received several months earlier and that his whole body was inflamed. Because of the arthritis, Val told me that Abie’s immune system was compromised and that he shouldn’t have received the vaccines.

Before the session was over, Val gently used BodyTalk to help bring some quick relief to Abie.

Two days after the session with Val, my husband called me at work and said he had found Abie sitting on our living room rug with our other cat Sylvia. Abie got up and walked from our bedroom into the living room to sit on his favorite wool rug by the couch. He would have had to walk a ways to get there. We’re amazed because the night before he was having a hard time even turning around.

A miraculous feat! I don’t really consider myself skeptical but I was shocked by the sudden turn of events. I realized it was a sign that he would heal completely — and he has. Ten weeks later Abie is doing wonderfully and back to his old self.

I am so grateful for Val and her gifts as a healer and a teacher. It has changed my life. I recommend her to anyone that has a pet. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine.

Barbara Koonce, Austin, TX


Whether you are struggling with a training or behavior problem, a health issue, or
just want to improve your relationship with your animals, I can help.

There are many reasons and contributing factors as to why animals get sick, act out badly or go lame. You need to know that problems may not always be coming from where you think.

The H.E.A.R.T. System is a 5-step process that works with every animal, every time.

When You Apply the H.E.A.R.T. System™ to Understanding Your Horse, Dog or Cat, You Can Stop the Expensive Guesswork That May wind up Costing Your Animal Their Life… and Empty Your Pocketbook

Find out how the H.E.A.R.T. System™ can help your animal be their best, avoid making costly mistakes with them, and improve your life and relationships.

Ready to stop struggling and start enjoying your furrkid more?

Start Now Claim your FREE Gifts valued at more than $300!

  • QuickStart to AnimalTalk home study course – Learn 3 Simple Steps to talking with animals (value $79) Get immediate access so you can start learning how now, includes Study Guide Workbook, Transcript and digital audio recording with special Bonuses
  • Special Report: The 10 Things You Must Know BEFORE Hiring An Animal Communicator — Know where (and when) to get the help you need (value $10)
  • Get My Advice! Apply for your Complementary Happy Animal Discovery & Strategy Meeting: Learn how to apply The HEART System™ to solving problems with your furrkids to improve their health, well-being and happiness (value $250)
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Val Heart, expert animal communicatorWho is Val Heart and Why Should You Listen to Her Anyway?

Val Heart is internationally recognized and is called professional Animal Communicator to the Stars. She is known as The Real Dr Dolittle and is an expert animal whisperer. She specializes in improving health, behavior and performance problems with animals, and can often resolve issues in minutes not years because she bridges the gap between you and your animals.

Her mission and passion is to improve the lives of animals the world over by helping humans learn how to speak their language, understand their viewpoints, and heal. After all, our love of animals helps us learn how to be better humans, and the more balanced and healthy we are, the more balanced and healthy they can be too.

An expert animal communicator and a master healer, author, inspirational speaker, teacher, Val has been seen on TV and heard on radio.

She also teaches people around the world how to be their own Dr Doolittle so they can save money at the vet, resolve their own behavior, performance and training problems, and learn how to deepen their heart connection with all animals.


I’m looking forward to sharing this important information with you!

Much love to you and your furrkids,


Val Heart,
The Real Dr Doolittle and Expert Animal Whisperer

Dedicated to changing the world one animal lover at a time…

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