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Genuine Dutch Crop Circle Formation


After viewing this blog post, Nancy Talbot contacted us regarding the validity of the below article.  Nancy provided us with corrections that we think are amazing, and very helpful.  Thank you Nancy.

From Nancy:

The photo posted with Neal’s article & stated to be a Dutch circle was not….it’s one from the UK a couple of years ago and, furthermore, one that we are fairly certain was man-made.  I gave Neil the link to a REAL crop circle in Holland….here’s that link for you, if you’d like to see & read about a REAL one in the Netherlands:  http://www.bltresearch.com/robbert/easter2011.php.

And, if you’d like to see a whole report on multiple crop circles in the UK–with clear illustrations which help people know how to tell which ones are mechanically flattened (man-made) and which are genuine, see: http://www.bltresearch.com/fieldreports/uk2009.php.

And if you’re interested in learning more about the scientific work that has made it possible to tell which circles are “real” and which are not, you might want to look through our web-site: http://www.bltresearch.com/index.php.

And if you’re interested in U.S. crop circles see:  http://www.bltresearch.com/usacropcircles/

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Original Article By Neil Slade:

I had a conversation with Nancy Talbot, president of BLT Research at http://www.bltresearch.com.

She and her team of a dozen professional high level academic scientifc researchers focus on the energies involved in the crop circle phenomenon.

Although Nancy readily admits that there are many many man-made hoax crop circles being made, many of very complex design, there are also genuine crop circles that pass her rigorous testing that reveals components that absolutely prohibit and defy their creation by any man-made methods. Her story is incredible, and she and her team is uncompromising in their scientific method in examining this phenomenon.

It is something worth investigation, for every person.

Her conclusion? “I cannot tell you what these are or how they are made, except for the fact that the evidence left in the plants and soil in genuine cases indicate a very very short burst of microwave radiation that causes changes in the plants and soil that would be impossible for people to cause to happen, such as elongation of the nodes on the plants and mineral changes to the subsurface soil. I leave interpretation to someone else. However, I will say this, I am absolutely convinced that consciousness of some kind is involved, a consciousness that goes beyond that of any individual human- Whether its angels, UFOs, God, the devil, what ever you want to call it.. and I would agree to what you are calling “The Big Magic I”- what Jung called the collective uncounscious. Whether its angels, UFOs, God, the devil, what ever you want to call it..”

What I know is that the human brain CAN access and be aware of this level of consciousness that goes beyond the “Little Me Eye”, what you see through your own individual brain and eyes only ,

It is what you become aware of when you tickle your amygdala with your frontal lobes- you see with your Big Magic I.

Neil Slade, http://www.NeilSlade.com

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Hi, Neil,
I see an article, apparently written by you, entitled “Genuine Dutch Crop Circle Formation,” posted on a website called “Val Heart & Friends.” Although most of the info attributed to me in the brief article is accurate, there is absolutely nothing in the article about any Dutch crop circle…..was something cut out of your original piece?

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