Expert Positive Dog Trainer, Jonathan Klein on the Real Dr Doolittle Show

Expert dog trainer Jonathan Klein is the owner of the award-winning training and boarding facility I Said Sit!  School for Dogs in Los Angeles. A pioneer in the causative approach to dog training, in which behavioral problems are solved by removing the cause rather than punishing the dog for the symptoms, Jonathan has trained more than 8,000 dogs over his 23 year career. He also offers training tips and can answer any questions you may have on his website The Dog Behavior

Think his positive training approaches only apply to dogs? Think again. You can use these fundamental training lessons for children, spouses, colleagues at work Have fun discovering all the wonderful ways you can effect positive change in your world!

Sit! Settle! Relax, listen and learn

  • What the biggest mistakes people make with their dogs are, and how you can avoid them yourself.
  • What can we do to avoid dogs becoming frustrated and being unwilling to accept change
  • Why does separation anxiety occur and what are the steps we can take to avoid it
  • What one piece of advice this remarkable dog trainer wants every dog parent to know


Remember: Dog training is far more effective when we use praise and rewards to teach our dogs what we want them to do as opposed to punishing them when they’ve done wrong.

If you have a specific dog training questions or would like to learn more effective and positive dog training tips, then visit Jonathan at his websites, and tell him Dr Doolittle sent you! or


Photo by Dakota Monk from Burst

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