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Dr Temple Grandin: A Special Breed of Hero – InfoGraphic

The remarkable work of Dr Temple Grandin has changed the lives of animals all over the world.  Her brilliance, love for animals and her dedication, expressed through her autism, have opened up a world that most of us never see.  She provides us with unique insights and realizations that in retrospect are true “Duh!” moments for those of us who are considered “normal.”  Dr Temple Grandin is indeed a very special breed of hero.  I’m so glad I live in a world where Dr Grandin is celebrated, supported and listened to.  She is a heart centered agent of change, an inspiration to us all.

This InfoGraphic celebrates her life and times, and the many contributions she’s made for all species.

Temple Grandin
Source: Masters-in-Special-Education.com

Want more?  Click Here to listen as Val and Scott discuss Temple Grandin’s remarkable work with animals:


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