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Cowboy Camp 2013 – Western Destinations OCJ Kid’s Program for Arizona Foster Youth

Imagine making an incredible difference in the life of an orphaned child here in America.  The OCJ Kids program at Western Destinations is an opportunity for orphans/foster children in the in the Phoenix, Arizona area to experience what could be a profound life changing experience.

Over 11,000 children and youth are in the Arizona foster care system right now.  And, over 80% of these children will become homeless or imprisoned within one year of being released from foster care.  OCJ Kids’ was started to help reduce these staggering statistics.

OCJ Kids’ goal is connect with business and faith community partners to provide programs, services, tools, resources and mentors to help these foster youth succeed at every level of development and transition successfully in to independent living.

OCJ Kids’ program gives foster youth the opportunity to learn about horses and horsemanship, all while giving them the opportunity to connect with people who can help make a difference in their lives.  The youth are encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, reach out to each other for help, form deep friendship bonds, and have an experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

They will learn to care for and saddle a horse and be given a chance to take a one and a half hour horse ride.  They will enjoy a cookout/campfire, play western style games and go for a hike.

The cost to attend this overnight event is a tax deductible $75 for each child.   To make a difference in the life of a child in the Arizona Foster Care System please consider donating $75 or more.  To make a donation and to learn more please visithttp://www.ocjkids.org.

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