Feeling Worried Because Your Animal Isn't Feeling Well? You're In The Right Place Because Healing Pets (and People) is My Specialty!

Are you afraid your dog is suffering?  Worried your cat is sick or in pain?  Can’t figure out how to help your horse with mystery lameness or health issues?  Has your vet done all they can but it’s not helping?


If yes, then you need Val’s Heart Healing, FAST!

It’s time to experience the power of a HEART Style Healing Session.  A profound journey filled with alternative energy therapies, Bodytalk for animals, Animal Reiki and medical intuitive scanning sessions for you and your pets.

If your pet is sick, they are desperately trying to tell you something so let’s find out what they really want so they (and you) can feel healthier, happier and more at peace.

Abie, a long hair tabby cat, was dying and unable to get up out of his bed in the closet. Groaning with pain, he tried to get to his food dish or litter box, but gave up panting and exhausted. His owners were distraught at the thought of losing him, and in desperation they searched for help.

When Val communicated with him, Abie told her about a recent trauma he’d been through.  He’d been taken to the vet to have his teeth cleaned, and something had gone wrong with the anesthetic. His head was STILL hurting terribly and he felt so toxic he was nauseous and dizzy. The whole experience had caused him to lose trust in his people.  He felt horrible.

Val immediately began intensive healing with him to soothe his emotional, physical and spiritual pain. Using the Bodytalk for animals healing system, she quickly repaired his body so he could heal. 

The very next day Barbara his human caretaker emailed to say that Abie had astonished them all.  Overnight, he had gotten himself out of the closet and promptly returned to his most favorite living room spot.  They were so worried when they couldn’t find him in the closet, and feared the worst had happened.  But when they finally found him, they felt immense gratitude and relief because he was sprawled out happily sunbathing.

Within just a short amount of time, Abie had recovered completely.

Is your pet sick?  Get the help they need now!  

Scroll down and get the Animal Problem Solving Session so we can get started. 

Before you decide, you should know that Val’s Animal Communication, BodyTalk for Animals, Medical Intuitive Scanning and Intuitive Guidance Sessions are unlike those of other professional animal communicators, animal intuitives, healers or therapists.

If you are coming to Val for a session like this, be prepared because animal communication, healing and intuitive guidance done right is a profound spiritual journey, one that can easily change your life.  Animals often spend their entire lifetimes trying to break through your barriers.  Together you can evolve into advanced states of love, self expression and embrace an empowered spiritual connection with a deep profound level of understanding of yourself and the world around you.

She’s learned through her extensive education. training and well over 40 years of experience that the human is always intimately involved with the well-being, health and behavior of the animal.  While most people are astonished to discover the phenomenon of the Human Animal BodyMind Connection and how their pet mirrors them, many aspects of animal behavior, health and well-being is in fact a reflection of their purpose together, sometimes known as a “Soul Purpose Contract”.

As Val works with you and your pet to help you solve behavior issues, health problems, relationship problems and more, she is always listening to the Spirit of the animal and to Guidance to discover why that animal is a part of your life, what the underlying lessons are, what he/she is here to help you learn, and what is needed to create the best life experience for both of you.

An empathic animal behaviorist, Val’s unique intuitive work, education, expertise and healing skills incorporate all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Working by order of priority, the most exciting part of every session is that both you and your pet can experience amazing changes in your relationship, and that those changes will reflect into other areas of your life.

Val is a highly trained, advanced PaRama level certified practitioner in The BodyTalk System.  She graduated from The Lionheart School of Healing, and has studied all forms of healing and therapies extensively for well over 40 years.

Her comprehensive healing service includes:

She also founded the Heart Method™ of Quantum Leap Consulting based on BodyMind Assessment & Balancing techniques.

Val works with domesticated and wild animals, and animals alive physically as well as those who have transitioned.  She can work with one or many animals in groups. You do not have to be in the same location or touching each other for her to work her magic.

Why You Want a Heart Style Healing Session for You and Your Pet:

Val’s Heart Style Healing Sessions are the perfect place to begin if you are:

  • Afraid your pet is suffering from pain, dementia/senility, or health problems
  • Worried they have something important to tell you about their health but you can’t figure out what it is
  • Puzzled by your animal’s health issues and need help with getting to the root of the problems so they can heal
  • Losing sleep afraid your pet is getting ready to make their transition and you don’t know how to help them feel better, what they want, or how much pain they’re in
  • Alarmed that your pet had a bad reaction to a vaccination and want to help them heal
  • Facing surgery or a veterinary procedure and want to prepare your pet properly so they get through it as quickly and easily as possible
  • Heartbroken knowing your pet has suffered abuse or trauma that is affecting their health, happiness and well-being and want help restoring balance and rehabilitation
  • Working with imbalanced sheltered, rescued or fostered animals and want them to heal so they have the best possible chance at finding their perfect forever home
  • Afraid your pet is mirroring your stress, illness or old patterns and want help healing so you can both be healthier and happier
  • Wondering about past lives and it’s effect on current day health and well-being
  • Dreading your pets coming transition and need help determining whether an animal is ready to pass over and how so you can ease the pain and suffering
  • Personally struggling with health challenges or stressful situations
  • and more…


If any of these situations ring true for you, then you’re in the right place.  

NOTE:  The healing journey is often like peeling an onion, each session goes deeper and builds on the work done before.  For serious health situations, Val highly recommends committing to a minimum of 3 healing sessions (The Silver Consulting Plan) which allows time to begin healing at core fundamental levels, using the principle of priorities.

NOTE:  Val is not available for emergency work. The best thing to do is to get on her schedule and then ask to be put on the top of her wait list.


Here’s how to prepare for your session

Read our FAQ – I bet the answer you’re looking for is right here! 

Success Stories

Animal Problem Solving Session

The Animal Problem Solving Session is a great place to start your healing journey with Val.  Begin identifying and resolving the hidden health factors that contribute to the problems at hand. This is a good choice for answering your questions, receiving a healing session, intuitive medical scanning, caretaker guidance, and, if necessary, for working towards a peaceful transition followed by reconnection on the other side.  If you:

  • Want insight into what your animal is thinking or feeling about specific situations or health issues
    • Need help making a euthanasia decision or coping with grief or loss after losing an animal
    • Are experiencing challenges that don’t include significant long term health problems for either yourself or your animals (the Silver or Gold Plans are best for those situations, see below)
    • Want Val’s expertise to improve your management program so it is right and customized for your animal, includes evaluating your training program, diet, supplements, environment and care giving…

The Animal Problem Solving Session is IDEAL for first timers, maintenance, tune ups or check ins. It includes:

• 45 minute consulting session
• We’ll use your time to do as much as possible given your priorities and as time allows
• Note: It may not be possible to completely fulfill Val’s 4 Fundamental Guarantees and the 5 Steps of the Heart System for solving problems with pets which often requires more intensive time together, but we’ll use your time to do as much as possible given your priorities as time allows
• Digital Recording Available upon request for an additional $15

Once your payment has been received, you can immediately schedule your sessions from the available times on Val’s schedule.

cc  Mastercard, Visa and American Express Accepted, Credit or Debit
NOTE: This session isn’t best for people with animals experiencing serious, chronic or long term health problems which could include significant management issues (The Silver or Gold Plans are best for these kinds of problems, see below).