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A Simple, Powerful Question That Could Change Your Life By Nikkea B. Devida

Without my mentors, my path to heal, discover, and build a business that’s an expression of my purpose would have been a LOT harder, slower, and less enjoyable. There’s no question in my mind that my mentors have accelerated the process and made the journey a lot easier. And frankly, not all mentors are created equal. Having a mentor is a very special relationship that goes beyond that of a coach. In my opinion, a mentor is someone you want to learn from their expertise and model how they achieved their success. While I’m fortunate to have selected some great mentors to guide me in different things over the years, I now ask myself the following questions to help me make the best choice:

1. Does the mentor have expertise and success in the specific area that I’m seeking assistance with?

2. Do I want to model my mentor and how they achieved their success? Do we share compatible values?

3. Do they have a proven, specific, duplicable, process or system for transferring their knowledge and expertise?

4. Do I respect and trust my mentor? Do I value their opinion?

5. Do I personally like my mentor?

6. Would I be willing to do and follow through with what they guide me to do?

Frankly, I think that criteria #1-5 are all a lead in to the most important question, #6.

Because lately, I’ve noticed that the most profound shifts and breakthroughs I’ve made have not occurred from anything particularly complicated, new, special or magical. That’s both the good news and the bad news. The good news is, getting massive breakthrough results is actually more simple than you think. The bad news is, sometimes doing what’s “simple” isn’t always “easy”. Plus, sometimes we get seduced into thinking that something that’s complicated, mysterious, or elusive is somehow more powerful than something that’s simple, obvious, or common sense. Personally, I haven’t found that to be true.

I think Einstein had it right: “Keep it simple”.

When things are clear, simple and straightforward, they tend to work. When they get complex, complicated, mysterious, or beyond common sense, they often lose effectiveness.

We’re sometimes led to believe that if we just have a “magic pill”, potion, formula, system, or secret, then we’ll have everything we ever wanted in our lives.

The problem is, even when people invest in that “thing”, they still don’t get the results…even when the information actually works! Why? Because they don’t follow through with it!

One of several things often happens. They either:

1. Don’t start

2. Stop in the middle of starting

3. Get stopped vs. course correct

4. Stop before they complete or finish

And yes, let’s temporarily set aside that there’s often so much conflicting information, approaches, points of view, systems, and formulas, it’s hard to discern what works. Or I should say, what will specifically work for you! That’s why it’s important to choose the right mentor to listen to using all of the above criteria.

I recently started a new relationship with a business mentor I greatly respect and admire. On our very first call, I was willing to surrender to her process to be open and willing to see things differently and have a life changing session. In fact, I intended and expected it. I also took responsibility and clearly communicated the outcome I wanted from the session to set us both up for success.

She asked me a very simple, but powerful question that changed my life…and it’s about to change the course of my business.

She asked me: “What do I go on a rant about”?

Meaning, what “ruffles my feathers” and pushes my buttons so much that if someone got me going on the subject, I’d passionately go “off” about it? That question actually stopped me in my tracks for a minute. As I formulated my answer, I actually started my “rant”.

So, what did I rant about? And why is that important to you?

I’ll answer the second question first. Finding your “rant” is important because it illuminates your values, what you’re passionate about, what’s important to you, and what you’re willing to take a stand about.

What did I rant about? Well, long story short (after all, this is my rant!), I ranted about how frustrated I am to see people invest good money with mentors and systems that they don’t follow through with. That they don’t take the actions necessary to implement what they’ve learned and how they need more support with putting the learning into action. That I thought it was tragic for people to give up on themselves, their dreams, and their purpose by not following through, especially because I see that they’re so close. That to me, not following through is akin to not keeping your word…to yourself or others. That they’re letting people down who desperately need their gifts and expertise. That following through on what you say you’ll do is a matter of integrity and honor. That if people would actually follow through with almost any one individual approach, they probably would get better, faster results. That people often don’t “follow through with the start”.

I think you get the idea. What wasn’t obvious to me, but was completely obvious to her (I could feel her smiling on the other end of the phone!) was that all of my life’s experiences led me to be an expert in “follow through”.

That hadn’t occurred to me before, but it made perfect sense. And it was such a big change from how I saw myself, my business, and how I’d positioned myself that I had to “try it on” for a while to see how it “fit”. And within a short time, I knew it was right, and that I could and would follow through with it to make the adjustments necessary to reposition and rebrand myself as “the follow through mentor”.

So, what do YOU rant about? This one question could change your life, too…but only if you’re willing to follow through.

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