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You’re going to LOVE this! The 10 Things You Must Know BEFORE Hiring An Animal Communicator is important because finding the RIGHT practitioner to help you with your pet is critical!

BodyTalk-and-animalsAs you’ll soon learn, not all communicators are created equally!

Many may not have the skills, education, expertise or experience that you need to help you solve problems.

If you want a professional to talk to your pets, then you have to feel uber confident in their ability to do exactly that and to do it very well. You want to know how to find the best one for your needs, and how to interview them to be sure so you won’t get taken advantage of, get bad advice or guidance, or waste any more of your precious time, energy and money.

Over the years of working with animals of all kinds, I noticed that people were missing important information their pets were telling them.

Time and again, I saw their caretakers get frustrated, depressed, trying all sorts of different tools, vets, trainers and techniques, with little success. Often, a more forceful approach only caused their animal to do the exact opposite of what they really wanted them to do.

I never understood why they simply didn’t ask the animal what was wrong first before they spent so much energy, time and effort chasing their tails on expensive guesswork!

Working with thousands of animals since 1993, I’ve formulated my proven 5-Step Program, “The HEART System for Solving Problems With Pets™.” It works with every animal, every time1

My approach to healing animals and their people is unique, fun and frankly amazing.  Because doing the work of better understanding your pet, bonding and synchronizing with them so you can experience the relationship of your dreams is critically important.

My proprietary approach to communicating with animals and healing is uniquely powerful, inspiring and beneficial.

Talking with animals makes all the difference in the world and can change your life.

Before I send you over to get your special report, it dawned on me that given your situation, you might want more than just information right now…

Do you have a health problem with your pet?  It could be a mystery lameness issue or a soundness problem, or a chronic pain situation. My specialty is healing pets and people by getting to the root of the problem quickly.  Want to know more about my healing work and the BodyTalk System?  Click Here

Are you struggling with training or frustrated with your pet’s bad behavior? Without talking to them first to find out what the problem actually is from THEIR perspective, you can do a lot of expensive guesswork chasing your tail, and be no better off.

Are you worried thinking your pet is in pain or dreading that your pet is getting ready to die?  As a loving pet guardian, you want to make the right choice for them, but without talking to them first to find out what they need, how they feel, if they are in pain, if they want help and if so, what would that be and when to do it for them?  Things can go wrong in a hurry and you may wind up making the wrong decision or end their life too soon.  When that happens, people grieve and feel the burden of guilt for the rest of their lives.  Find out for sure now with a heart to heart conversation.

Does any of this feel like what you’re going through? 

The good news is, that’s exactly what I’m here to help you with.

Would You Like to Talk With Me About the Problems You’re Struggling With? 

My Animal Problem Solving Session, Healing & Intuitive Guidance Programs are perfect for solving problems with pets but my work is unique, and not everyone is a good fit or ready to go that deep. 

If you just want me to tell your pet to stop doing bad behavior, but are unwilling to make changes of your own? Then we’re not a good fit.

If you are doing this just for curiosity, to see if I can tell you the color of your pet’s food bowl?  Then we’re not a good fit.

If, however, you are ready to dive deep, to experience a quantum leap in discovery, a breakthrough with your pet and in your own life?  Then we may be a perfect fit!

My work often changes lives on many levels.  It can be intensive, entertaining and a lot of fun!  It can also bring up old wounds that need healing, stress that needs clearing, pain that needs soothing…

Not to worry, I can help you do that too. 

What you want to know is, am I the right practitioner for you and your situation?

No matter what problem you have with your pet, I have the answers you’re seeking.

Together we can solve behavior and training problems, heal health issues, listen in to what’s on your pet’s mind and heart, and improve your relationships dynamically.

If you are ready for the breakthrough you’ve been praying for, then this is your chance.

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